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Zoomlion joined the top 10 global construction machinery in 2010

Zoomlion joined the top 10 global construction machinery in 2010 102. Hazardous materials in indoor environment and materials

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Guide: Recently, the 2010 Top 50 global construction machinery ranking selected by China Construction Machinery magazine was announced, Zoomlion adjusted its sales volume by 30.41 (1) to facilitate us $100 million, jumping from the 20th place in 2009 to the 10th place, with a performance growth of 53.12% and an operating profit margin of 13.15%, making it one of the top 50 in the world

recently, the "2010 Top 50 list of global construction machinery" selected by China Construction Machinery Magazine revealed that Zoomlion jumped from the 20th place in 2009 to the 10th place with a sales volume of US $3.041 billion, with a performance growth of 53.12%, an operating profit margin of 13.1bdi912 down 185%, becoming the fastest rising and highest operating profit margin among the top 50 enterprises in the world

in 2009, the global construction machinery enterprises faced an unprecedented test due to the sharp decline in world market demand. Facing the ever-changing development environment, Zoomlion's globalization strategy of "fission + fusion" has been smoothly promoted. After acquiring five domestic and foreign enterprises, including Shaanxi xinhuanggong, Hunan cheqiao, Huatai heavy industry, Xincheng hydraulic and Italian CIFA, Zoomlion quickly realized the collaborative sharing of resources through a series of integration and reorganization, and the company's performance grew rapidly

at the same time of industrial expansion, Zoomlion's manufacturing capacity is also advancing synchronously. At present, Zoomlion steel strand for prestressed concrete gb/t 5224 (2) 003 has formed major industrial bases including Zoomlion science and Technology Park, Lugu Industrial Park, quantang Industrial Park, Wangcheng Industrial Park, Changde Guanxi Industrial Park, Hanshou Industrial Park, Yiyang Yuanjiang Industrial Park, Shaanxi Weinan Industrial Park, Shanghai Industrial Park, Italy CIFA Industrial Park and other industrial parks. Among them, the six business divisions of concrete machinery, engineering hoisting machinery, construction hoisting machinery, earth moving machinery, special vehicles and special vehicle bridges have completed the 10 billion plan, and the embryonic form of an international construction machinery industry cluster with an annual sales revenue of more than 100 billion yuan is emerging

the success of private placement at the end of 2009 created good capital conditions for Zoomlion to make efforts in various ways and speed up the process of globalization in 2010; The stable development of China's economy and the recovery prospects of the global economy have created a loose external macro environment for the development of enterprises. The announcement of Zoomlion's overseas listing just released reflects that Zoomlion will continue to vigorously integrate global resources, unswervingly accelerate the pace of globalization, and maintain the strength and belief of continuous innovation, which will make Zoomlion's international competitiveness and brand influence leap again

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