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Zoomlion sea going curve: from the first US bond to the joint EM

Zoomlion sea going curve: from the first US bond to the joint EM

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Guide: power supply: AC 220V 50Hz in recent years, Zoomlion has successfully issued US bonds, becoming the first heavy industry enterprise in China to sell US bonds; Landing H-share, becoming the first a+h listed company in the domestic heavy industry field; Acquisition of century old stores and Italian CIFA. For Zhan Chunxin, all this has just begun. Zhan Chunxin is cracking with unique fusion

in recent years, Zoomlion has successfully issued US bonds, becoming the first heavy industry enterprise in China to sell US bonds; Landing H-share, becoming the first "a+h" listed company in the domestic heavy industry field; Acquisition of century old stores and Italian CIFA

for Zhan Chunxin, all this has just begun. Zhan Chunxin is laying out a "new internationalization" strategy for Zoomlion in a unique way of integrating "fission" and "fusion": Leveraging international manufacturing with international capital to occupy the international market. Its ultimate goal is the "Chinese style rise" of Zoomlion: to build Zoomlion into a global enterprise headquartered in China

from the acquisition of CIFA to the joint em: Zhan Chunxin's way of integrating Chinese culture

the data shows that before the acquisition, CIFA company was the third largest concrete machinery manufacturer in the world and also the "century old store" in Italy. The successful acquisition in 2008 made Zoomlion a pioneer and leader in the internationalization of China's construction machinery at one fell swoop. The case of M & A integration also entered the classroom of Harvard University, and its root is Zhan Chunxin's "new internationalization" standard: integrate into the country with an inclusive, shared and attitude, and see that copper materials pass through the base ldquo; Melting pot rdquo; Posterior margin

"after the acquisition of CIFA, the company integrated the sales and service channels of CIFA and Zoomlion brands during the production of experimental machines. Facts have proved that this is a very wise strategy." The head of Zoomlion said that when integrating CIFA, the company's management subdivided the global market into mature markets (such as Europe, North America, the Gulf), emerging markets (South America, India represented by Russia and Brazil) and primary markets (most countries in Africa). Zoomlion implemented dual brand strategy in these markets and differentiated brand strategy in different regions

"according to the analysis, CIFA has channel advantages in Europe, North America, the Gulf and other regions, and Zoomlion has channel advantages in Asia Pacific, South America, Africa and other regions. Through integration and complementary resources, it has formed a global network, which can provide users around the world with two brand products, a full set of solutions, as well as fast and efficient services and spare parts supply." The person in charge said

"the purpose of Zoomlion's entry into Europe is to build a R & D base and make deep use of Europe's mature human resources and product R & D resources, so as to develop the right products." How Wenjin said in the interview that after the successful integration of CIFA, Zoomlion's European strategy was smoothly promoted. In 2011, Zoomlion bought out the full set of technology of German Jost flat head Tower series products, a high-end expert of tower crane, and obtained the access certificate for Zoomlion tower crane to enter the high-end market in Europe and the United States. At the same time, it also set up a German R & D center to further strengthen its brand position in the European and American markets

"Zoomlion always adheres to integrate into the global competition in a 'inclusive, shared and' attitude, takes the initiative to respect, understand and adapt to the culture of all parts of the world, realizes win-win with local governments, enterprises and customers, and has the courage to play its part. This concept will always run through every detail of Zoomlion's global competition." Up to now, facing the media, Zhan Chunxin still interprets Zoomlion's internationalization strategy in this way

however, for Zhan Chunxin, the acquisition of CIFA and the layout of Germany and India are just pawns in each battle. What is placed on his desk and attracted him to explore is obviously not this acquisition and investment battle, but the deconstruction of a huge topic: "internationalization of Chinese enterprises", which involves not only the industrial level, but also the capital level

from "a+h" to US debt: the "fission" and "fusion" of capital leveraging

"the globalization of Zoomlion includes two levels, one is the globalization of industry, the other is the globalization of capital, that is, the globalization of industry is promoted through the globalization of capital." In Zhan Chunxin's own words, the acquisition of CIFA and Jost tower crane technology is the starting point of the globalization of the industry, and the realization of H-share IPO and the successful issuance of US dollar bonds mark the success of Zoomlion's globalization strategy of capital

"it can only be said that this is the recognition of Zoomlion by the capital market." This person said that over the past two years, many domestic heavy industry enterprises have wanted to imitate Zoomlion to "gain" in the capital market. Unfortunately, so far, only Zoomlion has completed it. It can be predicted that this will affect the industrial layout in the next few years

in fact, the globalization layout defined by Zhan Chunxin for Zoomlion can be seen from the purpose of its H-share financing and issuance of US bonds. Of the $1.7 billion raised by its H-share financing, nearly $700million was used for the transformation of domestic projects, especially the optimization of production base, R & D base and information management system. The rest included the support and improvement of CIFA, the expansion of overseas emerging markets such as Russia and Brazil, and the construction of 15 overseas sales and service platforms

of the $1.5 billion raised by its U.S. debt, more than $850million was used for the construction of overseas R & D centers and production and manufacturing centers. Among them, R & D centers are mainly distributed in the United States, Germany, Japan and other places, while production and manufacturing centers are arranged according to the market layout: the United States (covering North America), Russia (covering CIS), Turkey (covering Africa), Brazil (covering South America), India (covering South Asia), Indonesia (covering Southeast Asia). The rest will be used for the construction of global image stores, logistics centers and spare parts centers, and 35 new overseas sales and service platforms will be added

"five overseas R & D centers, five global spare parts centers, six overseas manufacturing centers, 12 international image stores, eight global logistics centers, plus 50 overseas sales and service platforms, if this is a game of chess, Zhan Chunxin has taken the lead in the global layout with his momentum." Industry analysts said that relying on two rounds of financing, Zoomlion is improving its global production and marketing network, which is the "gorgeous layout" that other domestic giants dream of

this is only the prelude to the "internationalization" of domestic heavy industry enterprises, and it is also the prelude to the "new internationalization" of Zoomlion

an industry observer pointed out that since the first two years, the domestic heavy industry machinery industry has generally identified "going global" as the core strategy. However, under the background of repeated setbacks in overseas financing of many enterprises, the pace of expansion had to slow down, and the industry fell into a delicate wait-and-see state. However, Zoomlion under Zhan Chunxin is obviously stepping out of this situation. The reason is that while making overseas layout, Zhan Chunxin has adjusted the structure of the whole Zoomlion, that is, "fusion" and "fission"

"fission is' division ', which is grouped according to product categories to form multiple specialized business units to refine and strengthen all kinds of products; fusion is' integration', which enables domestic business units to converge with foreign enterprises of the same specialty through global mergers and acquisitions to form transnational business units." In Zhan Chunxin's view, the dialectical deduction of separation and combination will help Zoomlion integrate high-quality assets globally, achieve rapid expansion, and build a global manufacturing, sales, and service network. Of course, what plays a supporting role behind this is the "capital link" mentioned above

according to Zhan Chunxin's plan, with the support of strengthening the financing platform, Zoomlion will accelerate the layout of industrial chain integration and talent reserve training. "Zoomlion has always adopted the development mode of connotative development and extensional expansion in internationalization and industrial chain extension, and its goal is to actively and steadily participate in the global market competition and build Zoomlion into a global enterprise headquartered in China."

hewenjin further revealed that Zoomlion's initially determined internationalization goal is that overseas business should account for 30% within five years, "As an international company, I think the proportion of overseas business is at least 30%. At present, the mode of selling products made in China abroad is certainly unable to catch up with the expansion speed of business outside Shanghai. Therefore, the most important thing now is to go out and integrate into the local market, that is," internationalization is localization ", as president Zhan said."

"leveraging foreign technology and foreign markets with foreign capital is obviously different from the internationalization path taken by domestic enterprises at present. Zoomlion's attempt in this regard is worth studying." The person said frankly that Zhan Chunxin's international layout is incisively and vividly reflected in the self-confidence and freedom that are emphasized in Chinese traditional culture

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