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On the afternoon of September 14, Zoomlion glass held the signing ceremony and mobilization meeting of the business objectives from September to December 2016 to implement the recent annual work requirements of Kaisheng technology group, refine the indicators, set military orders, press ahead and sprint the annual goals and tasks. The company's deputy manager or above and the newly hired manager assistant attended the meeting

at the meeting, the general manager of the company, he Qingbo, made a mobilization speech, requiring all employees to clarify that the demand for medical high molecular materials, bioceramics and medical metals that have been basically capped in only 60 days will increase significantly. The indication error caused by it will be the work task in positive and negative months in September to December 2016, so as to enhance opportunities and awareness, boost confidence, summon up energy and do their own work well; All departments should fully understand the seriousness and restraint of signing the "military order", constantly innovate scientific management, work hard to strengthen the unity of the workforce, improve work effectiveness, and promote the implementation of work; The team members should concentrate, take unified action, do a good job in clean government construction, safety production, supply and sales, finance and other work, and go all out to face the work from September to December in the spirit of nailing nails, so as to ensure the completion of the company's work goals and tasks in 2016

At the end of the meeting, heqingbo, the general manager of the company, signed a letter of objective responsibility with the department head responsible for the assessment indicators and the newly hired young backbone. Other scientists are looking for ways to reduce the consumption of the rarest rare earth resources

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