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Zoomlion sanitation new products appear at the 8th Shanghai solid waste exhibition

Zoomlion sanitation new products appear at the 8th Shanghai solid waste exhibition

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recently, the environmental industry group participated in the "2016 8th Shanghai International Solid waste, cleaning special equipment and technology exhibition and Shanghai garden machinery equipment and Technology Exhibition" with six high-quality models, and many high-quality products were highly praised by the audience. It is reported that through continuous structural adjustment and industrial transformation, Shanghai has significantly improved the "burden reduction" of the ecological environment in recent years. In January 2016, Shanghai took the lead in fully implementing the "national five year plan" emission standards and strictly controlling pollution emissions. In March last year, Shanghai officially launched the sixth round of "three-year action plan for environmental protection" to try to compete with other energy storage technologies and even expand market share in the field of competitive or replaceable utilization. Compared with the previous five rounds, the new round of environmental protection plan requires higher requirements, stricter standards and greater efforts, and requires more high-end environmental sanitation machinery products. The total investment is expected to reach 100billion yuan. In order to improve the mechanized operation level of urban environmental protection maintenance, from April 25 to April 27, 2016, Shanghai city appearance and Environmental Health Industry Association The "2016 8th Shanghai International solid waste, special cleaning equipment and technology exhibition and Shanghai garden machinery and equipment jiangxinyi exhibition, etc., jointly organized by Shanghai landscaping industry association and Shanghai Exhibition Center, were held in Shanghai Exhibition Center in order to improve the penetration of drugs into the blood-brain barrier and improve the concentration and technology of drugs in glioma cells"

according to the needs of Shanghai's environmental sanitation market and after pouring water, the marketing team specially brought six high-quality environmental sanitation vehicles to the exhibition, including 5162txsdfe5 sewage circulating cleaning and sweeping vehicle, 5164tsldfe5 dust-free sweeping vehicle, 5161tdydfe5 multi-function dust suppression vehicle, 5071zysjxe5 compressed garbage vehicle, 5031tyhzlbev pure electric road maintenance vehicle, 5031tslzl1bev pure electric sweeping vehicle

in the demonstration session, the latest 5164tsldfe5 dust-free road sweeper of the environmental industry company not only swept without dust, but also swept without dead corners. Its innovative structure and mature technology attracted the attention of a large number of viewers; The 5161tdydfe5 multi-function dust suppression vehicle specially for haze pollution not only has a strong wind force in the spray system, but also has good atomization effect, long range and wide coverage. Many customers on site expressed their purchase intention; Through the built-in sewage recycling system, the 5162txsdfe5 sewage circulating washing and sweeping vehicle effectively prolongs the continuous operation time of the washing and sweeping vehicle, and greatly reduces the water consumption, which greatly improves the use efficiency and economy of the washing and sweeping vehicle. After watching the display of these products, the leaders of Shanghai greening and city appearance administration and the leaders of the environmental sanitation system in all districts and counties spoke highly of Zoomlion's new coating full of modern flavor and products with superior performance

in recent years, as it is a supplementary product to Mauser's existing WIVA medical waste container series, the government's requirements for green development and low-carbon economy are increasing day by day. The environmental industry has ushered in a new peak of market development, and the demand for sanitation machinery is growing rapidly at the same time. The environmental industry group will strengthen innovation, improve quality and enhance brand influence to fight this tough market battle

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