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Zoomlion has operated in accordance with the law and regulations for 23 years to achieve enterprise transformation

Zoomlion has operated in accordance with the law and regulations for 23 years to achieve enterprise transformation

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research and development of the world's longest 101 meter carbon fiber boom pump truck, research and development of the world's highest 113 meter climbing platform fire truck, research and development of the world's largest expansion range of large horizontal boom slewing self elevating tower crane... In the field of construction machinery in the world, Zoomlion has not only created many products with world records or milestones, but also become a high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating engineering machinery, environmental industry, agricultural machinery, financial services and so on

"abiding by laws and regulations is the unshakable iron law of Zoomlion, and it is also the bottom line and power source for the development and growth of enterprises at every stage." Sunchangjun, vice president and general counsel of Zoomlion, told the legal system that Zoomlion has always adhered to the rule of law and compliance risk control as a "top-level project". Taking the lead in establishing the general counsel system as an opportunity, the company has formulated the construction plan of the enterprise compliance risk prevention mechanism, taking compliance risk prevention as the basic measure and reliable guarantee to improve the operation efficiency and sustainable development of the enterprise

In 1992, Zhan Chunxin, who was then the vice president of Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute, led 7 technicians to adjust its experimental speed range, borrowed 500000 yuan to establish a company. Relying on the scientific and technological strength of the Institute, it realized a profit of 2.3 million yuan in the second year, transforming technology into productivity, ending the days when the Institute relied solely on "selling drawings" to support development. Later, it gradually evolved into Zoomlion, which has established sales and service platforms in nearly 80 countries, branches in more than 40 countries, and overseas R & D centers in the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries

"at every stage of Zoomlion's development and growth, we always adhere to the law and compliance operation." Sun Changjun said that in the 23 years since its establishment in 1992, Zoomlion has experienced several key stages, including the restructuring of scientific research institutes, the corporate reform of the separation of main and auxiliary state-owned enterprises, the shareholding reform of equity diversification, and the overall listing. In these stages, Zoomlion continued to innovate its system and mechanism, and finally formed a mixed ownership property right structure jointly held by Hunan SASAC, management team and key employees, strategic investors, international investors and other circulating shareholders

"every reform and innovation process is closely related to the law. Therefore, in the process of promoting reform and innovation, the first thing we think about is whether it is legal and compliant and whether the procedures are in place." Sunchangjun said that over the years, Zoomlion has been able to successfully transform from a scientific research institute to today's large-scale comprehensive group, and no employees have petitioned for enterprise restructuring. The main reason is that Zoomlion has always adhered to the reform in accordance with the law and regulations, so that all decision-making behaviors can withstand the torture of law and policy

"an important feature of Zoomlion's development is mergers and acquisitions." Sun Changjun said that in the process of Zoomlion's development and growth, it has experienced the reorganization of Puyuan group, the acquisition of xinhuanggong, Huatai heavy industry, Hunan axle factory, CIFA in Italy, baolujie in Britain and other domestic and foreign enterprises, and the acquisition of Chery heavy industry in 2014, making the transformation of Zoomlion's five plates begin. It is precisely because of this M & a development that Zoomlion has become the manufacturing enterprise with the most complete category of construction machinery products

"the key to Zoomlion's success in acquiring and prospering is that we always adhere to the law and compliance operation." Sunchangjun believes that every merger and acquisition is a serious legal act, so every link requires to operate in the sun and use the existing legal rules to judge and operate, so as not to leave troubles and problems, and can withstand the verification of all aspects. When the difference is outside the range of ± 2, the hardness tester must be revised and repaired or replaced with other hardness testing methods

take the initiative in the face of rush to register

"although Zoomlion's strategic objectives have subtle differences in different stages of its development, Zoomlion's compliance and risk management has always adhered to the need to meet the company's strategic objectives as the focus of its work." Sun Changjun said that the industrialization stage is the primary stage of the development of Zoomlion. During this period, Zoomlion's compliance and risk management work mainly focused on financial risk control. From the perspective of organizational structure, it was dominated by the financial department and the audit department

from Zoomlion's A-share listing in 2000 to the completion of a series of mergers and acquisitions including the merger and acquisition of Italian CIFA company in 2008, the company is in the stage of large-scale development. At this stage, Zoomlion's main risk is that as a listed company, its prominence to the majority of investors and large-scale development have brought about a sharp increase in the amount of risk. In view of this risk situation, Zoomlion has determined multiple internal control departments (such as audit, finance, supervision, informatization, human resources, legal affairs, etc.) from the organizational structure, forming a multi-dimensional interconnected group of internal control departments. The internal control and risk management system has been continuously improved, the process has been smoother, and the internal control and risk management team has been constantly expanded. However, there was no special internal control and risk centralized management department during this period

among them, in May, 2006 in India, April, 2007 in Madrid, August, 2007 in Ukraine, November, 2007 in Chile, early 2008 in Argentina... There have been many cases of malicious preemption of Zoomlion trademarks. In the face of a number of trademark registration incidents, Zoomlion's legal department immediately launched an investigation of relevant cases, and after relevant analysis, it not only carried out trademark protection in more than 120 countries and regions around the world through normal trademark application means such as single registration and Madrid International Registration, but also flexibly used various means such as commercial negotiation, reconciliation, administrative revocation, litigation, etc., recapturing Mexico, Ukraine Trademarks of Chile, Syria, Argentina, Indonesia and other six countries that have been registered

with the help of external brain, it is amazing that Zoomlion has entered the stage of globalization since 2008. The risk characteristic of this stage is that the complexity of the risk structure continues to increase. In order to control these risks, Zoomlion's internal control and risk management have also gradually developed, entering the systematic stage of internal control under the concept of comprehensive risk management. The main feature is to introduce internationally advanced internal control and comprehensive risk management methods, based on the normative guidance documents of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Hunan Provincial State owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, and with the help of external brain, systematically design and build the company's comprehensive risk management system to achieve the "quality" improvement of the company's internal control and risk management

in 2011, as a listed company of a+h, Zoomlion took the step of standardization construction of enterprise internal control and risk management in strict accordance with the requirements of the CSRC, the basic specifications and supporting guidelines issued by the Ministry of finance, the CSRC and other five ministries and commissions, that is, strictly comparing the standard requirements of the specifications, adhering to the "adaptability principle", and taking full account of the actual situation of the company, The internal control and risk management of Zoomlion has been comprehensively benchmarked and sorted out, and omissions and supplements have been found and corrected, so as to gradually realize the transformation of internal control and risk management from "taking the easy step" to "taking the positive step", which also marks that the internal control and risk management of Zoomlion has entered the "standardization" stage

"how to not only adhere to compliance, but also abide by integrity, reduce friction, and help enterprises fulfill their commitment to the public to achieve the best technology, quality, cost, and service is our current focus." Sun Changjun said

the author learned that since the establishment of Zoomlion, the value of state-owned shares has increased 425 times (up to 800 times); Since the A-share listing in 2000, Zoomlion has achieved an average compound annual growth rate of more than 50%, twice the industry growth rate of 21%, and state-owned capital has directly received cash dividends of nearly 1.4 billion yuan. Moreover, due to the sustainable development brought about by compliant operation, nearly 30000 people have been guaranteed normal employment

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