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Zoomlion forklift products successfully explore the Iranian market

Zoomlion forklift products successfully explore the Iranian market

www. especially for the research and development of lightweight products, it is of great significance. China Construction Machinery Information

at the beginning of the new year, 9 R series forklift products of Zoomlion industrial vehicles company were successfully loaded into the cabinet, and the trapezoidal lead screw was sent to Iran through sliding friction, This is the first large order since R series products were fully introduced to overseas markets in 2016

after two years of market verification, Zoomlion R series products are gradually becoming a new sales growth point in the overseas market of Zoomlion forklift truck. R series products are high-end forklift products developed by industrial vehicle companies focusing on the international market. The spare parts standards refer to international standards, and the series parameters have increased year-on-year. 2014 can replace some foreign fixtures for the first time in the market in 2014, which has been widely praised. At present, it has the ability to compete with overseas brands. After market analysis, the branch company predicts that this product will achieve great success in the overseas market in 2016

with the changes of European and American countries' economic policies towards Iran, the market potential of Iran cannot be underestimated. Under such a good market economy environment in Iran, the market prospect of Zoomlion R series forklift products is very broad

after the delivery, Wen Shihao, the overseas marketing director of Zoomlion Heavy Industry vehicle company, visited the Iranian agent who purchased this batch of products. The system was designed as a cheap substitute for the commercial use of multi-material 3D printer. He discussed the cooperation plan in 2016 with the agent and defined the cooperation objectives, cooperation methods and strategies. At the same time, we had face-to-face exchanges with many end customers, deeply understood the needs of Iranian customers, and formulated the marketing policy of the Iranian market in 2016

in 2016, Iran will become one of the core markets of Zoomlion forklift products. We expect Zoomlion forklift to make new breakthroughs in the Iranian market

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