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Zoomlion's environmental industry will increase the collective transformation of construction machinery

Zoomlion's environmental industry will increase the collective transformation of construction machinery

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chenpeiliang, vice president of Zoomlion and general manager of environmental industry company, said that in the future, Zoomlion's environmental industry will be built into a 10 billion level plate that keeps pace with construction machinery. Zoomlion attacked everywhere

on March 3, the company announced that Changsha Zoomlion Environmental Sanitation Machinery Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zoomlion, purchased 100% equity of Hunan Ningxiang Renhe waste comprehensive treatment Co., Ltd. for 75million yuan

Ningxiang Renhe is an operator of urban waste transfer, landfill and comprehensive utilization. At present, it has the exclusive franchise project of Ningxiang County urban solid waste treatment plant and urban domestic waste treatment and comprehensive utilization

although the target of this transaction is small, it marks the landing of Zoomlion's strategic transformation of the environmental industry, and the transformation from environmental sanitation equipment provider to the overall environmental industry solution provider and investment operator through the acquisition project. Chenpeiliang, vice president of Zoomlion and general manager of the environmental industry company, said that in the future, Zoomlion's environmental industry will be built into a 10 billion level plate equal to engineering machinery

extending downstream

Zoomlion has been marching into the environmental protection market for two years. As early as 2013, it proposed the development strategy of five sectors, and promoted the environmental industry to the level of juxtaposition with construction machinery

after that, Zoomlion invested heavily in Lugu second industrial park to create a customized R & D and production of nearly 100 varieties in nine categories, including environmental sanitation machinery, kitchen waste treatment, high concentration sewage treatment, for the environmental industry. However, in addition to the traditional advantage of environmental sanitation machinery, does the clamp of tensile testing machine need to be cleaned? Zoomlion has made slow progress in R & D in the operation of the environmental industry

Chen Peiliang said that environmental governance and operation is a complex industry, which requires the ability of technical system integration and synthesis to provide personalized solutions. Originally, as an equipment manufacturer, the biggest challenge of the company was microbial treatment, chemical treatment, and the integration of microbial technology, chemical treatment technology and mechanical equipment technology

Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, once said publicly that environmental industry technology covers a wide range, including soil remediation technology, harmful industrial waste gas, hazardous waste, medical waste treatment technology, etc. This requires "independent research and development" and "mergers and acquisitions of some foreign companies with internationally advanced technology"

in the second half of last year, Zoomlion successively acquired Italian environmental company ladurner (nadule company) and domestic Huai'an chenjie, preliminarily accumulating technology and market experience in the field of environmental industry

"for nadule environmental company, on the one hand, we value its many technologies, including municipal waste, sewage, sludge, kitchen waste, anaerobic and other technologies; on the other hand, it has more than 30 environmental protection projects in Europe and the United States." Chen Peiliang said, "Zoomlion will integrate nadule's technology and project operation experience, and combine its own advantages in manufacturing capacity, market network and capital operation to achieve strong alliance."

due to nadule's mature experience in the operation of PPP, BT, BOT, boo and other types of projects, the waste treatment project of Renhe in Ningxiang will use nadule's technology and operation plan

according to Zoomlion's vision, at present, the company's annual output value in the field of sanitation cleaning equipment is nearly 5billion yuan, accounting for more than 60% of the market share. In the future, by extending downstream, the business will cover the whole process of cleaning, collection, transportation, treatment, operation and so on. After the year, the whole business sector can be built into a 10 billion level industry

"our goal is to become a leading environmental industry company integrating technology research and development, equipment manufacturing and operation. The market space is expected to reach a scale of billion yuan. In the future, our environmental equipment output value will greatly exceed the existing environmental sanitation equipment output value." Chen Peiliang said

machinery giants have transformed

the environmental industry is a strategic move of Zoomlion, which is committed to building a tripartite confrontation between engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and environmental industry. In the past few years, affected by the domestic macroeconomic transformation, the slowdown in the growth rate of infrastructure and real estate investment, the domestic construction machinery market has remained depressed. According to the latest performance forecast released by Zoomlion, Sany Heavy Industry, Liugong and other construction machinery enterprises, the performance of each company in 2015 will decline by 80% - 90% year-on-year in 2014, while in 2014, the performance of each company has declined by 60% - 80% on the basis of 2013

therefore, since 2013, led by Zoomlion and sany, construction machinery enterprises have collectively carried out business transformation. In addition to focusing on the environmental industry, Zoomlion also entered agricultural machinery through the acquisition of Chery heavy industry in 2014. This business has achieved revenue in 2015

XCMG machinery and Sany Heavy Industry also investigated the difference between the travel value of the cross arm and the straight steel ruler in the fields of military industry, intelligent manufacturing and finance for industrial layout, while Liugong made efforts in the field of logistics services

from the business structure of Zoomlion in the first half of 2015, the proportion of traditional concrete machinery and hoisting machinery in the main business income has been significantly reduced, from more than 70% in the past to 50%, while the newly cultivated agricultural machinery and environmental industry has increased from about 10% in the past to 35%

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