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Zoomlion's green "core" leads the future of intelligent manufacturing of equipment

Zoomlion's green "core" leads the future of intelligent manufacturing of equipment

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as a leading equipment manufacturing enterprise in the world, Zoomlion's appearance at previous BMW Shanghai shows represents the latest development direction and trend of the industry and has become an authority and benchmark in the industry. BMW Shanghai 2014 is no exception

on the evening of November 25, Shanghai, in line with the exhibition theme of "sincere technology • great future" of Zoomlion's BMW exhibition, this world's sixth largest construction machinery manufacturing enterprise performed a wonderful top product show to hundreds of customers on the scene

20 industry-leading products such as the 56m carbon fiber boom pump truck of the third bridge, its storage capacity for users, the two in one system solution, the world's largest flat head tower crane t-3000, and the world's first renewable water washing and sweeping car took turns to show the strength and charm of Zoomlion intelligent manufacturing. These products, without exception, take "green" as the core, which indicates that the equipment manufacturing industry will usher in a new era of development

Nuggets green smart manufacturing technology innovation industry recognition

in recent years, China has seen continuous haze weather in many places, and many regions are deeply in "ten hazes". Energy conservation and environmental protection have also become the theme of the times for China's equipment manufacturing industry and the transformation and upgrading of China's social economy as a whole

Zoomlion, which has always been at the forefront of industry development, has seized the opportunity of this era, relying on scientific and technological innovation, through "product change" and "material change", and constantly tap gold for green "intelligent manufacturing"

in this top product show, the three bridge 56 meter carbon fiber boom pump truck with "carbon fiber composite boom and lightweight technology" as the core highlight - zlj5331thbb5xx-6rzh is an epitome of Zoomlion's "material reform" achievements

the application of carbon fiber materials in concrete pump trucks is a major revolution in the manufacturing technology of the construction machinery industry, and Zoomlion is also the only manufacturer in the world that applies this technology to concrete pump trucks. The data shows that the application of this technology can reduce the weight of pump truck boom by more than 40% and the total weight of pump truck by more than 14%. What is particularly valuable is that the application of this highly reliable new material technology can make the service life of the pump truck more than 20 years

the two in one system solution of machine-made sand + dry mixed mortar is a typical representative of Zoomlion's "product transformation". This plan redefines the production mode of building materials, replaces river sand with machine-made sand, eliminates the drying link, and greatly reduces the dry mixing investment and production cost

it is reported that through the "two in one overall solution of machine-made sand and dry mixed mortar", the cement consumption per cubic meter of concrete can be reduced by 20%, creating a new solution for his keynote speech "the industrial Internet of things helps realize smart factory" to save energy and reduce emissions

Zoomlion's green "smart manufacturing" has also been invalidated by industry insiders, including the complete loss of original functions; Highly recognized for function degradation and serious damage or hidden dangers. At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Zoomlion signed an order worth 50million yuan to purchase Zoomlion's two in one system solution of machine-made sand + dry mixed mortar, which shocked the whole audience

leading the strategic layout of a green future is worth looking forward to.

on the top product show, the zlj5250txse4 Jinan gold assay material experimental machine of Zoomlion environmental industry company mainly applied a load on both ends of the sample slowly, and the water was recycled to regenerate a powerful clean cleaning car, which also won the sincere praise of insiders

this product adopts the world's first sewage recycling technology, and is known as the washing and sweeping vehicle with the strongest cleaning ability in the world. Through the built-in sewage recycling system, zlj5250txse4 can effectively extend the continuous operation time of washing and sweeping vehicles, and greatly reduce the water consumption. It is estimated that the annual water saving of each vehicle will reach 15000 tons

market data show that at present, there are more than 32400 cleaning vehicles in the country. If 10% of the vehicles are replaced with this kind of recycled water cleaning vehicle, 48.6 million tons of water can be saved a year; This water can fill half of the Baihebao reservoir and one tenth of the Miyun Reservoir in Beijing, enough for 100000 people in Beijing for more than 20 years

not only that. In recent years, Zoomlion has continued to extend the green industrial chain and improve the green strategic layout of the enterprise

in 2008, Zoomlion set up a project team of "food waste resource disposal", which changed the original linear development model of "raw materials - products - market" and began the practice of circular economy

it is reported that in June 2012, the largest harmless food waste treatment plant in China, built in Changsha, successfully passed various examinations and began to treat more than 300 tons of food waste in Changsha every day. This plant can produce more than 5400 tons of biodiesel per year, generate 19.71 million kwh of power, save 6900 tons of standard coal per year, and reduce carbon emissions by 19500 tons per year

Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, described the grand blueprint of its green strategic layout: "in recent years, we have actively carried out strategies such as the development of green new materials, the transformation and upgrading of equipment, and the research and development of innovative equipment to support the development of the clean energy industry, which has triggered a series of 'green revolutions' such as' product changes' and' material changes' within the enterprise."

from this point of view, this top product show is undoubtedly a centralized report on the achievements of Zoomlion's green strategic layout

Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in this year's government work report that we should pay great attention to strengthening pollution prevention and control, and gave the specific path: implementing the project of improving building energy efficiency, benefiting the people with energy-saving products, and developing cleaner production, green low-carbon technology and circular economy. Premier Li Keqiang's speech indicates that the green era of equipment manufacturing has arrived, and Zoomlion, which has completed the green strategic layout, is once again at the forefront of the times, which makes this BMW exhibition more interesting, and also makes Zoomlion's green intelligent manufacturing in China's equipment field worth looking forward to

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