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Zoomlion executives revisit the "grounding gas" at the grass-roots level under the learning and education

Zoomlion executives revisit the "grounding gas" at the grass-roots level under the learning and education

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Guide: from the evening of April 14 to the evening of April 16, the three-day night learning class for all executives of Zoomlion and heads of secondary institutions above the headquarters opened again, and the required bibliography for revisiting the educational practice activities, as well as the study, education Listen to opinions and look back. Such a learning class, Zoomlion

from the evening of April 14 to the evening of April 16, After long-term research and development, all senior executives of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. have a higher understanding of the choice of sling tension testing machine, and 3 "Our ipul system is just what is needed in the period. When the permanent elongation of day and night learning reaches a specified value, the class starts again, reviews the required bibliographies of educational practice activities, and" looks back "on the links of learning education and listening to opinions

Zoomlion has held three such learning classes. The company combines educational practice activities with solving outstanding problems in the development of enterprises, and requires senior executives and leaders of all departments to adhere to learning first and further, overcome the mentality of "working", "deserved" and "doing your best", take the lead in rectifying and improving problems such as lack of awareness, insufficient implementation awareness and loss of gratitude if the direction of supervision is not adjusted, and keep the idea of "for the people" throughout, and go deep into the grass-roots front line Go deep into the staff and listen to their opinions and suggestions on the style of the team, the style of cadres and the development of the enterprise

Zhan Chunxin, the Secretary of the Party committee of the company, Liu Chi, the deputy secretary, and Yin Zhengfu, the senior manager of the company, went down to the grass-roots level in seven ways, successively went deep into 17 departments such as the engineering crane company and the concrete machinery company, and asked the grass-roots front-line employees for enterprise management, logistics services, strategic development and issues related to the vital interests of employees in the form of forums and individual conversations. Zhan Chunxin came to Changde hydraulic company, construction and hoisting machinery company, etc. to have a special discussion with technicians, grass-roots management staff and assemblers to understand the difficulties of production and development; Yin Zhengfu came to Zoomlion Yuanjiang Industrial Park to supervise the construction progress of the "Zoomlion home" project of the staff dormitory on site; Zhongwang Company set up a "general manager's Day". Ouyang Wenzhi, the general manager and Secretary of the general Party branch, walked into the workshop, accepted the questions and questions of employees, and solved the problems of dining in the canteen and the distribution of labor protection supplies for employees on the spot. According to statistics, 19 symposiums were held during the 7-day "grassroots" activities, with individual conversations of more than 150 people

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