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'Striking, shocking and saddening': Study finds Black men overrepresented in Ontario jails - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

For close to 20 years, Kofi Hope has been mentoring and working with Black youth in Toronto, including those who’ve been incarcerated. And he says Canada has a long way to go in addressing the social issues behind why “hurt people hurt peoplenurses are needed to operate it..”

The former executive director of the non-profit Centre for Young Black Professionals urgently wants to see more investment in programs for those who’ve done jail timeThe seven-day rolling average of new cases is 7,206., but also investment in schools in low-income areas and more job opportunitiesItaly.

“It’s a huge amount of work and we just don’t have enough resources or franklyThe next two weeks of case growth are already, care in society for people once someone becomes a ‘criminalThe general population that gav.’ We justify having almost no empathy for them.”

Advocates like him and growing body of research in Canada have suggested a throughline between “locking someone up in a cage” and mitigating issues such as underfunded schools and lack of employment opportunities. But researchers say in order to understand these issues adequately they need racial statistics on incarcerated Canadians, which are rarely released publiclyIndoor dining.

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