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Western mining needs scientific development (Chen Lin, Yang Xiao) "we should redouble our efforts to cultivate mining as a new economic growth point in the western development." Yesterday (24), then how to solve these failures is the key. Cao Yushu, deputy director of the Western Region Development Leading Group Office of the State Council, also suggested that the tensile test of the national tensile machine is one of the most widely used methods for studying the mechanical strength of materials. 1. This was said at the western mining Summit 2007 and the Fifth China international nonferrous metals mining forum. KANGYI, President of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, and huangyanrong, vice governor, attended the meeting and delivered a speech

this meeting was hosted by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and Sichuan provincial government, and undertaken by Beijing Antaike Information Development Co., Ltd. More than half of the more than 200 delegates who attended the meeting with closed barrel and nose power supply came from foreign enterprises such as Australia, Canada, Europe and the United States

Cao Yushu pointed out that in order to achieve healthy and coordinated economic development in the west, we must solve the bottleneck problem of mineral resources development and transform the rich mineral resources into industrial and economic advantages. While accelerating development, we should pay attention to environmental protection, rational and orderly development, and achieve sustainable development

According to Kang Yi, the key to the scientific development of mining industry in Western China is to change the concept. Governments at all levels should solve the problems of low technical level, insufficient development degree and disorderly development order, so as to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of mineral resources

in the forum, representatives of the governments of some provinces and regions in the West and representatives of major mining development companies at home and abroad also exchanged views on the potential opportunities for mining investment in the west, environmental protection, advanced mining development technology solutions, etc

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