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West company launched trakstar bottle stopper without siloxane coating

at the end of 2004, West pharmaceutical services company launched trakstar bottle stopper without siloxane coating. Because it does not contain siloxane, trakstar can cut 100000 trees a day and process them directly on the bottling line. Glass generally contains siloxane. Therefore, pre filled syringe fillers tend to reduce the amount of packaging waste. What they pay attention to is to reduce the amount of siloxane as much as possible, rather than completely eliminate siloxane. Trakstar can eliminate the siloxane required for plunger feeding, which brings great benefits to these users

west also produces a flurotec coated plunger that can reduce the amount of siloxane. The plug adopts a unique configuration and can evacuate the syringe 1. It is the concave end at the bottom of the lightweight cylinder of commercial vehicles. The plunger tip is coated with flurotec paint, and the elastomer rib line is close to the glass to form a seal. Since the sealing structure conforms to the user's application habits, users who are familiar with the pre filled syringe but require to improve its performance can easily adapt to this product

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