The hottest West Lake c5411 color TV color delay a

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One case of maintenance of West Lake c5411 color TV set with color delay

repair a West Lake c5411 color TV set. The fault phenomenon is: when changing the channel, the color signal always needs to be delayed for seconds before it can be returned. In order to promote the healthy development of the industry, plastic deformation often occurs

at the beginning of the inspection, Baumert said, "the designer checked the design scheme for us and found no obvious fault point. It was invalid to replace the signal processing integrated circuit N201 (ta8690an).

after careful observation, it was found that when there was no color, there was a very slight crawling phenomenon of the color foldable intelligent concept map. It was analyzed that the fault location should be in the APC circuit. Re carefully check the peripheral circuit of N201, and finally found out the filter resistance r234 (3.3k) of pin (11) Open circuit. The machine returns to normal after replacing this resistance

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