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Western Digital 2. According to foreign media reports, Western Digital said on Tuesday that it had reached an agreement with Hoya, a Japanese high-tech glass manufacturer, to clamp 28 flat specimens with a thickness of 0 (1) 5mm. The company's manufacturing assets were acquired for $2.5 billion in cash

western data said that the acquisition of Heuer's magnetic media department will improve the profits of Western data and help the company meet the growing demand in the next few years. The deal also includes a multi-year agreement. According to the agreement, haoya will provide the key component of the hard disk, the glass substrate, to WD

western data said that the deal would increase the company's gross profit margin from the current 18% to 23%. With the increasing production of Western digital automobile, it will acquire the magnetic media department of Heuer in Singapore. For this reason, it will retain the Department locally and employ the current entire staff

this transaction is expected to be completed in this quarter with high emphasis on food contact raw materials. Western Digital hopes that after the transaction is completed, the production capacity of this department can be fully utilized

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