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Xitecheng electronics has developed high-power white LEDs with flat packaging

xitecheng electronics has developed high-power white light emitting diodes (LEDs) with flat packaging, and was exhibited at the special exhibition "ledne electronic (gas) safety protection equipment in a broad sense xtstage" of the "street decoration and circulation Renaissance" exhibition held by Tokyo Youming International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 4 to 7, 2008. The company has previously developed and sold high-power white LEDs for lighting products. The original product uses a slender package with a light-emitting part. This time, in order to be more easily equipped with spherical lighting products, a plane package with a circular or approximately square light-emitting part is used

the company's white LED uses blue LED chips and yellow phosphor materials. The blue LED chip and phosphor used in the white led this time are "the same as the original product, but the spherical lighting lens is used for easy focusing" (commentator)

the newly developed products include 3 series. For standard size spherical lighting products, there are 10W "cl-l230 series" and 16W "cl-l220 series". In addition, there is "cl-l190 series" for smaller spherical lighting products. PHA series microspheres prepared in three series have good biocompatibility. In terms of overall dimensions, cl-l230 series is 23mm × 17.5mm × 1.4mm in the future, the cl-l220 series is 28mm × 17.5mm × 1.4mm, 20mm for cl-l190 series × 13mm × 4mm。

each series has a variety of products with different color temperatures. Cl-l230 series and cl- control instruments that need to be replaced L220 series are equipped with 5000K and 2900k products. Cl-l190 series has five products ranging from 2900k to 6300k. For example, for the 5000K product of cl-l230 series, when inputting 10.6w power, the luminous efficiency is 69lm/w and the luminous flux is 700lm; Cl-l220 series 5000K products, when inputting 16.9w power, the luminous efficiency is 69lm/w, and the luminous flux is 1150lm; Cl-l190 series 5000K products, when inputting 5.6W power, the luminous efficiency is 72lm/w and the luminous flux is 408lm

the number of blue LED chips equipped is 45 for cl-l230 series, 72 for cl-l220 series and 24 for cl-l190 series. Cl-l230 series is likely to be mass produced. Cl-l190 series and cl-l220 series will be supplied with samples in May, 2008, and are scheduled to be mass produced before the end of 2008

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