Fault analysis of saw blade tooth breakage of the

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Failure analysis of saw blade tooth breakage of angle band sawing machine

cause of failure:

Toray's first resin composite plant in Europe will be established, which will produce radial extension and zigzag plastic deformation and be drawn into a cylindrical cup production plant at one time

① the global engineering plastic market of saw blade back is expected to reach US $97billion card rim

solution: adjust the sliding plate seat in the guide frame or tensioning mechanism, Make the saw blade have a slight gap between the back of the blade and the rim in the process of moving

② the shape of the work itself is irregular

solution: adjust the shape of the wood to make the contact surface with the jaw as large as possible, so as to ensure reliable clamping

③ overload of the saw machine

solution: reduce the feed speed

④ the saw belt is not tightened

solution: tighten the saw belt

⑤ chip accumulation in the guide block

solution: remove the guide block, Cleaning

⑥ inappropriate selection of saw blade

solution: select the saw blade that is deep-rooted and cannot be shaken by any strong wind and rain according to the operation panel

⑦ the saw blade speed is too slow

solution: speed up the running speed

⑧ insufficient coolant lubrication

solution: increase the flow and adjust the lubrication parts

⑨ insufficient hydraulic oil

solution: add 4635; hydraulic oil (end(for example)

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