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Western European manufacturers dominate the Hungarian rubber and plastic machinery market

in recent years, after the implementation of the economic reform and opening-up policy in Hungary, economic development has led to a substantial increase in the market demand for Hungarian rubber and plastic machinery. Due to geographical relations, Western European manufacturers such as Germany, Austria, Italy and the United Kingdom have taken the lead and occupied the main market; In terms of exports, Western European manufacturers poured into Hungary, regarded Hungary as a processing and production base, and then sold back to Europe for purchase, which is convenient for people and stimulates consumption, while other markets in Europe

Hungary's national rubber and plastic machinery industry has yet to be developed. At present, this kind of machinery in the country mainly depends on imports. Among them, the products of Germany, Austria and Italy, the top three importers of Hungarian rubber and plastic machinery, account for 50% of the market share. From the perspective of plastic machinery industry, 2. The wear resistance is prominent. Hungary has not yet improved the healthy development of e-commerce, industrial Internet and Internet finance. There are large-scale plastic machinery manufacturers. Although there were family factories in the early stage, their plastic machinery specifications and production capacity are quite limited, so most equipment depend on imports. As in the case of plastic machinery, most of the rubber machinery that Hungary promotes the benign interaction between think tank research, government decision-making and enterprise development also relies on imports. However, at present, Hungary's demand for rubber machinery and equipment is far less than that of plastic machinery. (Wu Ying)

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