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Construction scale of the project: the project plans to cover an area of 100 mu, and the technical transformation and expansion will be a board production line with an annual output of 50000 tons of bleached bamboo pulp. The calculated length of the sample is determined by the sample

nature of project construction: expansion

construction conditions and market analysis have not been confirmed: Du'an County is located in the mountainous area of Northwest Guangxi, which is located in the subtropical zone. The climate is mild and the rainfall is sufficient. It is suitable to adjust and force the growth of needle spring screws and pointer bamboo. The existing bamboo forest is more than 100000 mu, and the neighboring counties such as Mashan, Dahua, Shanglin are also rich in bamboo, so the production raw materials are sufficient. With the acceleration of the process of global economic integration, the domestic paper market will be further internationalized, the consumption structure of paper and paperboard products will gradually integrate with the international market and undergo profound changes, the demand for medium and high-grade paper products will expand, the demand for low-grade paper products will shrink, and the market consumption structure will form a new pattern of multi-level, variety diversification, high-grade quality and price rationalization. The general trend of demand is rapid growth, and the consumption of paper and paperboard increases by 10.4% annually. It can be seen that the expansion of the paper mill can meet the market demand, make full use of and give full play to the local rich wild plant resources, and develop the local economy

project investment: the total investment is expected to be 80.39 million yuan

investment benefit estimation: the annual sales revenue is 175 million yuan, the tax paid is 15.52 million yuan, and the profit is 26.43 million yuan

information source: China's industrial economy information

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