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Western coating industry wants to seize business opportunities and develop

Western coating industry wants to seize business opportunities and develop

March 28, 2006

Chongqing coating industry association, renamed in June last year, recently held the first Chongqing coating Academic Conference and industry annual conference. More than 100 representatives of coating production and coating application units from Chongqing and surrounding cities gathered together to seek development plans, Academic exchanges were also held on architectural coatings, coatings and coatings for automobiles and motorcycles, which are urgently needed in the construction of western cities

the meeting is divided into two procedures. The first is the annual meeting of Chongqing coating industry in 2005. Long Zhongjun, Secretary General of the meeting, summarized the work of the Association last year. He said that the future of the association is Chongqing paint and Coating Technology Association. In the 10 years since its establishment, successive teams have done a lot of fruitful work for the government and enterprises, and are trying to promote the Technology Association as an industry association that may cause accidents or deaths. Now that this old wish has been realized, everyone should change their ideas, stand at the height of industry self-discipline, and not only serve the member units, More importantly, we should stand at the height of the industry and serve the whole industry well. In order to promote the project of doing practical things for enterprises and consumers, they landed in Telecom "114" and yellow pages at the beginning of last year and opened message consultation. In only half a year, they received hundreds of consultations, involving coating processing, coating selection, market research, etc., which not only met the information needs of industry insiders for working cylinder pistons and pistons as the main part of the host, but also provided certain business opportunities for member enterprises. In order to improve the overall quality of the industry, they have signed long-term cooperation strategic agreements with Chongqing University, Southwest Normal University, national defense science and technology industry natural environment test and research center and other institutions to carry out targeted research and development, achievement transfer, technical training, consulting services, etc. Several symposiums, promotion meetings, academic exchanges and other activities were jointly organized with enterprises. Last year, Chongqing entrepreneurs were also successfully organized to visit Guangdong. Through contacts with senior leaders and experts of well-known enterprises in the coastal industry, they broadened their horizons and promoted the complementarity and resource sharing of enterprises in production, supply and marketing between the two places. In addition, they also conducted a biennial competition for the comprehensive economic strength of the city's coating and coating enterprises, and selected the "top ten enterprises" in the coating and coating industry in the city, trying to improve the comprehensive quality of the industry with the power of an example

the academic exchange conference gave full play to the expertise of the association, and representatives of some well-known coating enterprises, colleges and application units came to the podium one after another to publish the latest research results. The report "the current situation of the application of exterior wall coatings of urban buildings in the headquarters" made by Qin Jinshu of Chongqing Academy of Building Sciences analyzes the reasons for the backward application of exterior wall coatings in the headquarters of China. According to reports, the exterior walls of buildings in Chongqing before 1990 were decorated with traditional exterior wall facing materials (mosaic, ceramic tile, granite, aluminum alloy plate, glass curtain wall) or directly exposed cement mortar exterior walls, and almost no exterior wall coating was used; From 1991 to 1996, less than one thousandth of architectural coatings were used as exterior wall finishing materials. However, due to the selection of coating varieties, construction quality and the special climate in Chongqing, these coatings had blistering, falling off, discoloration, dust adhesion and other phenomena in less than three years. Therefore, from 1997 to now, buildings and structures in Chongqing have adopted ceramic tiles, granite, aluminum alloy plates, glass curtain walls and other exterior wall finishes, which have played a positive role in protecting the exterior wall and beautifying the city. However, with the development of the construction industry, various defects of the above materials are also clearly exposed. For example, the cost is high, it is difficult to renovate, the wall surface leaks water, and the hard surface ornaments fall and hurt people, and its decorative effect can not fully meet people's needs. At present, the main application proportion of exterior wall facing materials in Chongqing is: 80% of ceramic tiles; 18% for yellow sand plastering; 1.9% for glass curtain wall, aluminum plastic plate and stone; Paint less than 0.1% corresponds to the relatively backward application of paint, and the development of Western paint industry also faces some challenges. Mainly reflected in the nonstandard paint market; Some investors are eager for quick success and instant benefits, blindly building factories and forming excessive competition; The lagging technical services of enterprises and the neglect of the local adverse natural environment have affected the image of products. For these reasons, the Qin and Jin Dynasties put forward the policy guidance for the promotion and application of urban construction in the West; The second is to strengthen the development and research of exterior wall coatings that adapt to the Western climate characteristics; Third, improve the application standards and norms of exterior wall coatings to adapt to the construction of western cities; Fourth, establish a professional exterior wall coating construction team; Fifth, establish an access system for exterior wall coatings to adapt to the construction of western cities

Chongqing's developed automobile industry and the accelerated pace of bridge construction have provided huge business opportunities for industrial coatings. This academic exchange is an industrial form flow meeting of socialized collaboration in the industrial chain and cross-border collaboration. At the meeting, Chongqing Kansai coating company, American q-panel company, Haihong Hempel (China) company, Zhongshan Bridge chemical company, Wagner Co., Ltd. of Germany, Chang'an Automobile Group Company, etc. also discussed the development direction of automotive coatings, and the problem of using external power supply for sample power control in anti-corrosion coating engineering The development of Acrylic Electrophoretic Paint and the latest development of international coating technology were exchanged, which benefited the participants a lot

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