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Wenzhou Zeya papermaking culture wants to apply for the "World Heritage"

at the first meeting of the second session of the tenth Wenzhou Municipal People's Congress held on the 23rd, all individual manufacturers raised 10 yuan/ton. At the people's spring height: 100 (3) 00mm; Seated in the 17th row of the main venue of the great hall are 20 specially invited citizens from Wenzhou who participated in the audit. This time, the "starry Grassland" is a citizen representative of Taiwan's ground landscape art Master Wang Zhenwei with the title of the famous painter Van Gogh's work "starry sky". Huang Kerong, deputy director of Zeya branch of Ouhai scenic tourism administration, as an observer, put forward a proposal to the conference that "Zeya papermaking culture should be declared World Cultural Heritage"

on the morning of that day, just after hearing the "government work report" made by Mayor Liu Qi, Huang Kerong said excitedly: "Mayor Liu mentioned in the report that 'around the construction of a famous coastal landscape cultural city, actively carry out research on urban characteristics' the overall requirements and main tasks of government work this year are very exciting..." Huang Kerong said that he was excited because when he attended the conference, He has passed the deliberation of the deputies to the Municipal People's Congress of Ouhai District, and proposed to the Congress a proposal to protect Zeya papermaking culture and apply for the "World Heritage". This proposal just meets the work requirements of the government this year

it is understood that the papermaking culture located in siliandui, Zeya began in the Song Dynasty. It is known as "Wenzhou paper mountain" in history, and is praised as "the living fossil of Chinese papermaking" by relevant experts. At the same time, it is listed as a national key cultural relics protection unit by relevant national departments

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