Strive to expand the market and speed up the devel

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Strive to expand the market and accelerate the development of China's casting industry

casting is a metal hot working process inseparable from human life. Whether China's manufacturing industry develops smoothly and harmoniously depends largely on the development of the domestic casting industry. Casting is an inseparable part of human life. Foreign fixtures belong to hot processing technology. The smooth and coordinated development of China's manufacturing industry largely depends on the development of domestic casting industry

at present, the development situation of China's foundry industry is very good, and the development of its related industries is also in full swing, which provides a potential market demand for the development of the foundry industry. Luo Baihui pointed out that foundry enterprises should pay attention to the market expansion of key industries related to the development of foundry phase and the global composite industry, and seek greater target markets and development space. Aviation, automobile, shipbuilding and other industries are the key areas of relevant development industries of the foundry industry. Focusing on docking these important industries is the market needs of the development of the foundry industry, and accelerating the speed and strengthening the efforts to expand the needs of these industries, The key to the rapid development of foundry industry is to find the right sales channels for foundry products and promote the development of foundry production. With the gradual transfer of China's automobile industry and the implementation of the adjustment and revitalization plan of the automobile industry, the casting field involved in automobile and auto parts will also accelerate the development, which provides a strong driving force for the development of the casting industry

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