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Deep cultivation of aramid industry for breakthrough

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Li Yongfeng is one of the main members of the research team of Chen Kefu, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and has been committed to the research of aramid industry for a long time. With his efforts, Ganzhou Longbang Material Technology Co., Ltd., where he works, successfully broke through a number of technical problems

in September 2017, Ganzhou Longbang Material Technology Co., Ltd. settled in Dingnan County, with Li Yongfeng as the chief engineer. After the company landed in Dingnan, he always adhered to his original intention, deeply cultivated his main business, independently developed and dared to challenge. As the leader of the team, he led the research and development of high-end aramid insulating paper, whose performance reached the international advanced level, broke through the key technology of the application of high-performance aramid insulating paper in the field of new energy, developed the aramid insulating manufacturing technology with independent intellectual property rights and established relevant theories, and realized a number of breakthroughs in aramid material technology

this figure is nearly twice as many as the national development and Reform Commission's proposal that the country should have 70000 football fields by 2020. Li Yongfeng actively explored the aramid field and unswervingly developed and strengthened the aramid industry. He led the Longbang team to develop a variety of new aramid precipitation fiber processes, which improved the stability of production and product quality, and improved the competitiveness of products in domestic and foreign markets. With the efforts of Li Yongfeng's team, Ganzhou Longbang Material Technology Co., Ltd. has realized the self-help research and development of aramid shielding materials, which can produce low content aramid fiber mica paper and aramid carbon fiber materials, and realize the industrialized mass production of 1313 and 1414 aramid paper, which is at the leading level in China

in order to enhance the company's follow-up R & D capacity, through various efforts, Li Yongfeng introduced Chen Kefu, his mentor at South China University of technology and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, into the company in July 2020, phase change materials, which change the state of materials with temperature changes and provide latent heat, and then through rolling equipment materials, to jointly establish the aramid joint R & D center. At the same time, he led the team to make breakthroughs in a number of key core technologies to overcome the impact of the COVID-19. On the first day of resumption of production, the production capacity reached 80% of the design capacity, and successfully introduced the company's high-end application new product - aramid high-end insulating paper to the market. At present, our products have been widely used in high-end manufacturing, communication facilities, composite materials, bulletproof products, special protective clothing and other fields

write invention patents, take the lead in the research and development of aramid precipitation fibers, and participate in the research and development of new profiled long fibers... Li Yongfeng is very busy every day, committed to simplifying production processes, reducing production costs, improving product performance, striving to improve the competitiveness of the company's products, and creating greater social value for enterprises to achieve environmental protection undertakings such as emission indicators lower than national standards

in 2019, Li Yongfeng set a goal to achieve the electrical performance of the whole series of insulating paper to reach the international leading level, which is absolutely advanced in China. Li Yongfeng said frankly that this is the biggest challenge facing his R & D team. As a latecomer, it is very difficult to take the lead in China and reach the international level of the industry. In order to achieve this goal, Li Yongfeng's team consulted a lot of data, formulated a series of research and development goals, organized technicians and production personnel to summarize every day, and formulated the work of the next day. During that year, Li Yongfeng formulated thousands of experimental schemes, during which he went back to school many times to discuss with academician Chen Kefu, and finally found out the perfect combination of appropriate precipitated fiber and appropriate fiber to achieve a breakthrough in the electrical properties of insulating paper

"our current positioning is one fiber with three sheets of paper, and the subsequent research and development are mainly in the following aspects: application research and development in the field of wind power, application research and development of circuit board paper, layout of new energy vehicles, new energy batteries, and research and development layout of aramid nano materials." Talking about the work being carried out at present and the future research direction, Li Yongfeng talked freely. He said that there were many whimsical ideas. Next, he and his team should implement these "whimsical ideas" one by one. The key is to implement technology, turn technology into productivity, turn technology into real social benefits, and reflect the real social value of technology

working principle of wire winding experimental machine: Wang Lei

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