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Recently, an article pointed out that the overall development trend of China's wire and cable industry in the future is nothing more than rationalization of production scale, quality standardization, brand concentration, market internationalization, variety diversification, rationalization of consumption, and standardization of services, The specific performance is as follows:

fierce competition is conducive to the healthy development of the cable industry

as cable products are directly facing users, many cable enterprises will participate in positive competition in countless brands in order to get the attention of users, and some cable enterprises will continue to participate in international competition across the country, It is believed that this competitive environment will inevitably modernize the marketing concept of some mainstream cable enterprises in China

being good at cable market analysis will make a number of mature cable enterprises

more and more cable enterprises will make great efforts to collect information, predict cable market demand, analyze the needs and trends of the macro environment, and analyze the market behavior, competitors, and marketing opportunities of the reporting households of the State Council on the investigation and handling of the violations of laws and regulations by Jiangsu and Hebei steel enterprises, Segment and select target markets; Obtain, maintain and increase customers by creating, transmitting and communicating high-quality customer value; We should advocate honesty with our own marketing practice, so as to obtain higher reputation and market share

improving personnel quality is an important driving force for the rise of the cable industry.

human resource development has become an important measure to improve the core competitiveness of cable enterprises. The high growth of the cable industry has attracted a group of elites to join in succession, bringing vitality to this traditional and trendy cable industry. In the cable industry, only outstanding people skillfully use modern competition theory to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise

further integration and reorganization is the hope of upgrading the cable industry.

with the intensification of competition in the cable market, 20% of brands will occupy 80% of the market share, and the status of well-known brands will become more and more prominent. The phenomenon of great integration bringing great improvement is in the ascendant. It not only strengthens the exchanges in the same industry in China, promotes the cooperation and integration between enterprises, and forms the international competitiveness of the "made in China" cable team, but also brings a qualitative leap to our industry, and its positive impact will be profound and long-term

the continued strong demand in the international market indicates the prospect of the cable industry

with the acceleration of the process of global economic integration, the development of the international cable market has begun. Birelli, Sumitomo, nexen, etc. continue to seize the market share of international cables, and China's cables have been sold to North America, Western Europe, the Middle East, etc. Sustained strong demand provides opportunities for development, and the winner of the game will be able to occupy a considerable market

technological innovation and progress are important driving forces for the development of the cable industry.

the progress of science and technology will promote the continuous emergence of new cable products and the continuous updating of cable technology and process. Therefore, cable enterprises will carry out more technology and process research and development, design according to the target market, develop appropriate practical technology, and provide development impetus for cable products to occupy the market from the aspects of structural design, material selection, technology development and so on, Provide the market with more, better and more environmentally friendly high-quality cable products; Patented technology continues to emerge, and the core technology is gradually self owned

standardization and standardization promote the development of cable industry

quality is the life of enterprises and the foundation of industry development, and the standardization of cable products and services is the prerequisite for benign market development. At the same time, the improvement of user demand will also promote cable enterprises to increase investment in after-sales service, and continuously improve service quality. The service mode and service content will also be more comprehensive and standardized. In addition, we should establish an honest operation mechanism, improve the service quality of the cable industry, and protect the rights and interests of users through practical solutions

next is to strengthen the power of cable industry associations, promote enterprises to be transparent to the information of industry organizations, actively study the real operation of the industry, and actively investigate the current situation and development trend of domestic and international markets, so as to reduce the investment and marketing risks of cable enterprises

new problems and challenges will continue to appear in the development process

of course, while the cable industry is advancing by leaps and bounds, there are also some new problems and challenges: for example, the scale and structure of many enterprises are not reasonable, and there are many cable enterprises and brands, so it is obviously impossible to coexist for a long time; The low price competition that we rely on now will definitely encounter market barriers; Product varieties still cannot fully meet the needs of the market, R & D and innovation are the weakness of the industry, original independent intellectual property rights are scarce, and patent rights have become an obstacle for China's cable enterprises; Informatization is in its infancy, and market disorder has seriously affected the normal operation of the industry. Low price dumping and counterfeiting are persistent diseases of the cable industry; Conservative management concept is the bottleneck restricting the development of the industry. Most cable enterprises have weak brand awareness, which hinders the sustainable development of enterprises and industries. For this reason, the cable industry must implement a large-scale integration of resources to improve the level and industry level of an insurance enterprise that does not cherish machines, so as to achieve great leap forward development

then, how should Chinese cable enterprises respond to changes in the market environment

towards specialization and differentiation

from the current situation, the cable industry is slowly developing and maturing. In this process, all enterprises can take what they need, cooperate and win-win, and prosper together. For example, large enterprises will have more and more fixed customer groups in the overall development, so it is impossible to continue to reach all aspects of production, which will inevitably lead to further segmentation of the market and further contraction of the market of small and medium-sized enterprises. If small and medium-sized cable enterprises do not implement the differentiation strategy at this time, they will be at a disadvantage in the competition. On the contrary, if these cable enterprises are willing to become part of the product production chain to ensure quality and service, they can obtain a broader living space. Those large cable enterprises focus on the development of professional production

in addition, if you do more and miscellaneous work, you don't necessarily make money. You can't grasp your eyebrows and beard at once. If R & D and design are your strengths, you can professionally do your R & D and design, and then promote your R & D and design achievements through franchising and other means; If you can only produce and process, then you should form an alliance with R & D enterprises to make yourself an enterprise with the lowest production cost, the most stable quality and the shortest production cycle in the country; If you are good at "pushing", "pulling", "catching" and "taking", then do an enterprise that is good at marketing; If you are a "capital or resource-based" enterprise, playing talent operation or capital operation should be a good direction

horizontal alliance, vertical alliance, complementary alliance and strong alliance will be the means and mode for the development of China's cable industry.

on the whole, what China's cable enterprises lack is the advantage of "capital, talent and marketing". If you still want to fight alone, you have to hold an egg against a stone, and you may be injured in the end. Therefore, it is better for cable enterprises to review themselves from the aspects of technology, capital, talents, channels, products, brands, marketing, management, etc; Examine social resources such as policies and regulations, consumers, dealers, retailers, advertising media, social groups, and see what enterprises regulate and make use of. Then the enterprise resources and social resources will be fully combined and used to create a characteristic, win-win, operable marketing model. For example, if you have advantages in marketing, capital and talents, you can choose oneortwo products with selling points and characteristics, and package them well. It is entirely possible to concentrate on superior forces, capital, occupy the commanding heights of the industry, and concentrate on operation, so as to resound throughout the country. In short, giving full play to their own advantages and using limited resources on the cutting edge is the way to seek development. However, the characteristics of the Chinese people "prefer to be the head of the chicken rather than the tail of the Phoenix" determine the difficulty of the alliance, which needs market competition to adjust

strengthen cable brand awareness and brand construction

brand is the intangible asset of cable enterprises. With the awakening of brand awareness, most cable manufacturing enterprises began to pay attention to brand construction. However, in order not to fall into brand homogeneity, the brand development strategy of cable enterprises must be unique and novel, and the brand positioning must be accurate. For example, we can deepen the connotation and added value of the brand through the brand image of quality and service. At the same time, it can establish friendly partnership with professional marketing planning institutions and establish a set of scientific, advanced market operation system that meets the needs and actual conditions of cable enterprises; In terms of brand promotion, we choose media with wide audience and high authority to carry out all-round and three-dimensional advertising to improve the brand effect. In short, on the road of brand development in the future, interphone enterprises will focus on brand culture and image construction, and occupy international and domestic market share with new business ideas

improve the added value of cable brand with service

service is not an empty slogan, and service is not only a promise. Service is the distillation of brand concept, and service needs to be implemented in real actions. For cable enterprises, providing high-quality, practical and personalized brand services will be more able to stand out in the competition of similar products, open the distance from competitors, increase the added value of the brand, and obtain greater living space. Therefore, cable enterprises should pay attention to the service construction and innovation of the brand. Through considerate service guarantee, service commitment and the whole process tracking service mode of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales, they can successfully promote the sales of walkie talkies, improve the popularity and reputation of cable brands in the market, and virtually further sublimate the brand value

in short, in the future development of cable enterprises, as long as they really take safeguarding the interests of users as the starting point of cable marketing, guide target customers to select scientifically, and vibration testing helps your products leap into the ranks of high quality, constantly strengthen the innovation of cable products and technologies, and strengthen brand construction and service management, they can truly become the final winner in the market competition. If you rely on low prices Fraud, opportunism and other unfair means of competition will eventually be eliminated by the market

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