Strict requirements for packaging machinery and eq

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Strict requirements for pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment

with the development of the pharmaceutical field, various countries pay more and more attention to the research and development of pharmaceutical packaging machinery. There is still a big gap between China's drug packaging machinery and the equipment in developed countries, so domestic equipment must work hard in many aspects to meet the needs of the development of the pharmaceutical market

pharmaceutical packaging machinery plays a key role in the quality, shelf life, sales, circulation, use and cost of drugs. Relying on these product characteristics, the research and development of pharmaceutical packaging machinery have been paid more and more attention at home and abroad, especially in Europe and the United States. After the rapid development in recent years, China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery has experienced a process from import to imitation to gradual self-improvement with the help of administrative instructions. Today, it can be said that it has reached a small peak on the road of industry development

however, at present, there is still a considerable gap between China's drug packaging machinery and the equipment in developed countries on the whole, such as poor innovation ability, unstable operation of the whole machine, low degree of integrated production, and there is still a certain gap from the rapid development of industrialized production in the pharmaceutical industry

pharmaceutical equipment is a special specialty, integrating pharmaceutical technology, chemical machinery, refrigeration, automatic control, packaging machinery, manufacturing technology, welding, automatic control, computer application and other majors. The idea of pharmaceutical equipment research and development is to put these related majors through the whole process of design confirmation. At present, few people engaged in pharmaceutical equipment research and development can skillfully take into account two or three majors, and a single professional is difficult to inject these professional elements into the concept of developing a single set of devices to reach 100 tons/year

at present, although the number of pharmaceutical equipment disciplines in Colleges and universities has increased, the professional teaching level is not satisfactory, there is no basic teaching materials, and the theoretical and practical application level of teaching staff is not proficient. Therefore, we should innovate ideas in the research and development of new products. First, we should cultivate multi-disciplinary talents, and second, we should closely cooperate with manufacturers

the new version of GMP has stricter requirements on drug packaging equipment. In order to meet the requirements of GMP production process, China's drug packaging equipment needs to be significantly improved. As the pharmaceutical packaging equipment moves towards automation, it still needs to make further efforts to solve the problems of low industry concentration. The industry should constantly optimize scientific and technological resources, improve innovation efficiency, and constantly carry out standard improvement to promote the healthy and long-term development of the industry

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