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Before the festival, the plastic market in Yuyao was strongly sorted out

last week, the plastic raw material market in Yuyao plastic market continued to be strongly sorted out. Although the trading volume has obviously tended to decrease, especially the downstream users have basically stopped entering the market to buy goods, this is mainly because this week is on the eve of the Spring Festival, some processing enterprises have begun to have holidays, and some are doing finishing work. Considering that the plastic price in the market before the festival has generally soared, there is no hurry to record the experimental data for stock

however, at present, the resources in the market are still relatively tight, the inventory level of production enterprises is not high, and the sales pressure is relatively light. Even if the production enterprises continue to operate during the festival, the inventory will increase, but the sales pressure will not be too great, because the market demand will be significantly amplified after the festival. Therefore, traders are generally full of confidence in the future. Some mainly control shipments before the festival, and some are still looking for sources of goods with appropriate prices. They all put opportunities after the festival, which is the feature of the strong consolidation of the market in this period

low density polyethylene (LDPE)

the market continues to consolidate at a high level, and the prices of some varieties have further climbed into the cultivation industry cluster. The mainstream price at the weekend has risen to 7400~7800 yuan (ton price, the same below). Shanghai Petrochemical q281 is 7800 yuan, Q200 and N220 are 7700 yuan. Yanshan Petrochemical 1i2a-1 is 7700 yuan and LD100 is 7400 yuan. Daqing Petrochemical 18D is 7500 yuan. Qilu Petrochemical tn26 is 7500 yuan, Qatar 0274 and Malaysia 200gg is 7450 yuan

judging from the current market trend, as people are preparing for the new year, with the reduction of downstream users' market entry, the trading volume in this period is small, the current round of market has been basically finalized, and the possibility of sharp rise and fall in prices before the festival has almost disappeared. The main factors supporting the current high-level consolidation of the low-density polyethylene market are: first, the market supply is tight, and the inventory of production enterprises is low. Second, the external market continued to rise. Third, spring will be the peak demand season for LDPE. Traders are generally optimistic about the post holiday market and are full of confidence. On the other hand, due to the low inventory level and light sales pressure of domestic manufacturers, some manufacturers are still raising factory prices

last Monday, Yanshan Petrochemical raised the ex factory prices of several brands by 50 yuan. The current ex factory price of 1i2a-1 is 6970 yuan, 1f7b is 7050 yuan, 1c7a is 7450 yuan, 1i50a is 7550 yuan, and LD100 is 7020 yuan. PetroChina North China can accurately control the output. The sales company's warehouse price is 7100~7150 yuan, and PetroChina East China sales company's warehouse price is 7200~7300 yuan. 6950~7400 yuan in East China, 7050~7350 yuan in South China and 6900~7300 yuan in North China. In the Asian market, the mainstream price is $670~700/ton (CFR China's main port), up $30~20/ton from last week. Prices rose, but transactions were scarce. The quotation of South Korea and Taiwan is 700~720 US dollars/ton (CFR main port of China). A trader quoted us $700/ton (CFR China's main port) for Korean goods. It is reported that there is no deal yet. A trader sold Russian goods at US $670/ton (DAF Manchuria). A trader sold Brazilian goods in February, with a sales intention of $680~690/ton (CFR China's main port). The spot price in Hong Kong is $690~720/ton

for the low-density polyethylene market, there are still some concerns among a few operators, mainly because the current low-density polyethylene price rises rapidly, and the affordability of downstream industries is limited. If the price continues to rise, it may affect the strong operation of the post holiday market

linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE)

the market price has been pushed higher after a period of high-level consolidation. Domestic materials and imported materials rose by 50-100 yuan simultaneously. The weekend market price of Yangzi Petrochemical 7042 is 6850 yuan, that of Daqing Petrochemical, Jilin Petrochemical and Tianjin United 7042 is 6900 yuan, and that of Zhongyuan ethylene 7050 is 6950 yuan. Saudi Arabia 218w is 7050 yuan, Singapore 1002, South Korea Hanyang 3224 is 7000 yuan, and South Korea Hanhua 3305 is 6950 yuan

from the perspective of demand, downstream enterprises began to have holidays and their demand decreased. This is only a short-term holiday factor, and the key is downstream enterprises. Although the product price has increased, it is still unbearable for the current high cost. Many small-scale agricultural film enterprises have stopped production, and the operating rate of large-scale agricultural film enterprises is not very high. The main driving forces behind this price rise are: traders from Xinjiang and Shanxi bought goods in batches at Tianjin port, and manufacturers' inventories were low and factory prices were raised, which affected the East China market and Yuyao Yuyao plastic market

at the beginning of last week, Zhongyuan ethylene, Tianjin United, Qilu Petrochemical and Yangzi Petrochemical all raised their ex factory prices by 50-100 yuan, between 6650-6750 yuan. The Kuti price of PetroChina North China sales company is 6750 yuan, and the Kuti price of PetroChina East China sales company is 6750 yuan. 6700~6850 yuan in East China, 6600~6950 yuan in South China and 6750~6900 yuan in North China. In the Asian market, the mainstream price is US $610~640/ton (CFR China main port). A Korean manufacturer delivered more than 1000 tons at the price of 630 US dollars per ton (CFR China's main port), and the transaction was concluded at the price of 640 US dollars per ton (CFR China's main port) last Monday. The quotation of Korean 3305 is 630 US dollars/ton (CFR China main port). In Hong Kong, the spot price is 660~670 US dollars/ton. It is expected that the linear low density polyethylene market will continue to be strong after the festival

high density polyethylene (HDPE)

the market performance is relatively strong, and the price is stable and rising. Wire drawing material is 6800~6950 yuan, and the market price is stable and rising. Although the transaction in this period was average, most traders pushed up the market price because they were optimistic about the market after the Spring Festival and believed that there was room for rise

the market price of Daqing Petrochemical, Lanzhou Petrochemical and Yangzi Petrochemical 5000S was raised to 6900 yuan over the weekend, and Yanshan Petrochemical 5000S was 6950 yuan. South Korea Hunan 5000S, South Korea petrochemical E308 is 6950 yuan, India e52009 is 6800 yuan. As the price of polypropylene wire drawing material is further pushed up, people use it to foil the market of high-density polyethylene wire drawing material. At the beginning of last week, Yanshan Petrochemical raised the ex factory price of 5000S to 6630 yuan, an increase of 50 yuan. The Kuti price of PetroChina North China sales company is 6650~6700 yuan, and the Kuti price of PetroChina East China sales company is 6750 yuan. The ex factory price of Yangzi Petrochemical is still 6650 yuan. The price of Tianjin Port has basically not changed, and the price of Indian e52009 is 6600 yuan

plastic injection

the market is relatively stable, and the price rises slightly. Shanghai Petrochemical sh800u weekend price is 6700 yuan, Daqing Petrochemical 2200j, Yangzi Petrochemical 2100j is 7000 yuan, Dushanzi Petrochemical 6070, Panjin Ethylene 5070, Fushun Petrochemical 2908 is 6900 yuan, India 5018, m6007l is 6800 yuan

although the sales of this variety is average, the price rises slightly again, mainly due to tight supply. The supply of both domestic and imported materials is relatively small. At the peak of the Spring Festival transportation, one of the reasons is the tension of the train wagon. Secondly, the ex factory prices of manufacturers continue to rise. The ex factory price of Panjin Ethylene rose to 6850 yuan, the ex factory price of Fushun Petrochemical to the local was 6500~6550 yuan, and the ex factory price of Shanghai Petrochemical injection plastic was 6600 yuan. The price of PetroChina North China sales company is 6650~6700 yuan, and the price of PetroChina East China sales company is 6750~6800 yuan, with active transactions. 6550~6800 yuan in East China, 6650~6900 yuan in South China and 6550~6800 yuan in North China

film material

the market price continues to rise slightly due to the strong influence of the outer disc and linear low-density polyethylene. The market price of Shanghai Petrochemical mh602 over the weekend was 6800 yuan, Yangzi Petrochemical 7000F was 7000 yuan, Jinfei petrochemical tr144 was 7100 yuan, Qilu Petrochemical 6098 was 7200 yuan, and South Korea petrochemical F600 was 7100 yuan. Transactions were relatively active. It is reported that Yanshan Petrochemical and Yangzi Petrochemical have both switched to 7000F. The ex factory price of Qilu Petrochemical 6098 is 6850 yuan. 6700-6900 yuan in East China, 6800-7000 yuan in South China and 6650-6800 yuan in North China

blow molding hollow materials

the market began to start, and the price rose with the general trend, with a limited range. Shanghai Petrochemical ch2802, Yangzi Petrochemical 5200b, weekend market price is 6700 yuan, Yanshan Petrochemical 5200b is 6800 yuan, South Korea petrochemical b303 is 6800 yuan, South Korea LG 0400, South Korea Dalin, Jinfei petrochemical 5502 is 7000 yuan. It is understood that in Shanghai, the quotation of Korean 5502 is 6800 yuan, and the price of 0400 is 6900 yuan. Qilu Petrochemical 6145 factory price 6700~6800 yuan, Yanshan Petrochemical factory price 6600 yuan, Daqing Petrochemical 5300b factory price 6650 yuan. In the Asian market, the mainstream price is US $610~650/ton (CFR China main port). Market prices continue to rise, and transactions are limited. The quotation of Korean film material is 660 US dollars/ton (CFR China main port), and hundreds of tons are traded at 650 US dollars/ton (CFR China main port). A Malaysian manufacturer quoted us $630/ton for wire drawing materials in February (CFR main port of China). A trader quoted us $640/ton (CFR China's main port) for 500 tons of Indian plastic injection, which was shipped in February, but there was no deal yet. According to market analysis, the actual demand for HDPE will definitely rebound after the holiday. However, as the industry is generally overbought due to optimistic outlook before the festival, traders will have more resources on hand, which may affect the further rise of market prices after the festival

polypropylene (PP)

the market price further rose and reached a new high. The market price of homopolymer flat silk rose to 7400~7700 yuan over the weekend. Note: plastic/fiber materials are 7500~7600 yuan. The film material is 7800 yuan. Copolymerized domestic materials are 7400~8000 yuan, and copolymerized imported materials are 8100~8500 yuan. Monofilament powder 6900 yuan

in terms of the current market supply and demand, the main factors that stimulate the further rise of polypropylene prices are:

1) stimulated by demand. Due to the optimistic attitude towards the future market in the industry, especially the traders generally believe that there is still a large room for growth in the future market, traders with goods have a mentality of reluctant to sell, while traders with few sources of goods try to increase their stock volume, resulting in the recent market transactions appear to be very active, which is related to the increase in the trading volume between traders

2) stimulated by the rising international market. At present, the supply of polypropylene in the whole Asian market is relatively tight, and the upstream raw material propylene supply is also very tight, which increases the production cost of polypropylene, which undoubtedly promotes the rising quotation of polypropylene in the international market. It is reported that for wire drawing/injection molding, the quotation of Korean goods is 750~760 US dollars/ton (CFR China main port), block copolymerization, and the quotation of Korean goods is 780~800 US dollars/ton (CFR China main port)

3) stimulated by the manufacturer's continuous increase in ex factory prices. Due to the small inventory and smooth delivery, all manufacturers have taken advantage of the trend to increase the ex factory price. Yangzi Petrochemical f4013, lead screws and nuts should often be injected with new lubricating grease. The quotation is 7200 yuan, and s1004 is 7150 yuan. The ex factory price of Shanghai Petrochemical is 7100 yuan, and the quotation of Jiujiang Petrochemical is 7200 yuan. Qilu Petrochemical T30S was raised to 7200 yuan. Yanshan Petrochemical 2401 offers 7250 yuan. Fushun Petrochemical T30S quoted 7100 yuan, Panjin Ethylene F401 ex factory price 7300 yuan, Guangzhou Petrochemical F401 quoted 7500 yuan. Maoming Petrochemical T30S ex factory price was raised to 7500 yuan. Due to the high price of polypropylene in the pre holiday market, even if the market will rise after the holiday, the range will be limited. It is expected that the polypropylene market will be stable after the festival

polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

the market performance is stable, and the price remains high. Shanghai chlor alkali WS, Qilu Petrochemical s, weekend market price is still 7200 yuan, South Korea Hanhua P-1000, South Korea LG ls-100 is 7000 yuan, Japan shinyue TK1000 is 7200 yuan, Russia 7059 is 6750 yuan. The manufacturers did not take further actions. Most manufacturers continued to adhere to the ex factory price in the early stage, and the production and sales were basically stable. downstream

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