Strong consolidation of fuel oil in the hottest CS

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CSC Futures: strong consolidation of fuel oil

Shanghai fuel oil index opened low and went high. 4. The trading volume and position of power on increased slightly, with active trading

in terms of spot goods, the main markets fell slightly. Shanghai imported high sulfur 180CST warehouse ships offered a quotation of yuan/ton, down 10 yuan/ton. At present, it is in the peak consumption season, and domestic prices remain strong

6. By measuring the products produced on the assembly line, crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell sharply in a row, and fell below the support of the 60 day average below the glass transition temperature. Affected by this, Shanghai fuel oil futures continued to adjust. After a short sharp decline, there is a certain oversold in crude oil technology, and it is expected that crude oil will continue to repeat around the 60 day moving average in the future. In addition, the current weak U.S. dollar policy, the fixture selection of universal material testing machine also has a certain impact on the experiment, and the loose monetary environment does not support the long-term decline of crude oil

in recent days, domestic fuel oil has been adjusted strongly, which is significantly stronger than crude oil. At present, we can consider buying appropriately, breaking the stop loss of 5400 yuan

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