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Strictly control the import and flow of waste plastics. Yangcheng Evening News special Beijing Xia Yang reported: "foreign waste plastics flow into China, and the extensive processing in small workshops has caused serious environmental pollution." At the panel discussion of the Guangdong delegation to the two sessions of the National People's Congress yesterday, a number of deputies to the National People's Congress expressed their views on this issue and suggested that the state strengthen management

Yu Xizhi, deputy to the National People's Congress and general manager of Sinopec Maoming Petrochemical Company, first talked about the import of waste plastics in his speech. He said that China is not only a big importer of plastics, but also a big importer of waste plastics. Some waste plastic reproduction enterprises in China make profits through reprocessing, so developed countries "not only save the processing costs in their own countries, but also earn considerable profits". These "foreign garbage" do have reuse value, but the environmental pollution caused by reprocessing is serious

liangyimin, a deputy to the National People's Congress and Secretary of Maoming municipal Party committee who has worked in Foshan for many years, chimed in and confirmed that "there are two towns in Nanhai that are all small workshops for waste plastic processing". The local government has cleaned up and rectified them many times, but due to the steel pipe and forged steel market, it will always revive

Yu Xizhi said that a large number of packaging bags and lunch boxes made of imported waste plastics flow to the domestic catering industry due to their low prices. The harmful substances contained in the waste are gradually released with the daily use of such products, which directly threatens the health of Chinese people

Liang Yimin went on to say that the import of waste materials is not a policy issue, but a management issue. In addition to setting a secondary oil cylinder waste plastic at the top of the two clamping jaws, 2/3 of the waste copper and aluminum from the United States are exported to China. "The flow management after China's import is very critical. Once it is purchased by unqualified small enterprises and workshops, it will cause pollution problems"

dongmingzhu, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Gree Electric Appliance, said that the recycled plastics and metals reprocessed in these small workshops have a lot of poor hardness and strength, and the quality of the products made is very poor, and the performance and life span are far inferior to those made of new materials. "This is an important reason why developed countries regard them as garbage."

many delegates unanimously suggested that in order to reduce the pollution problem in the recycling process of waste plastics, the state should formulate a normalized mechanism, strengthen the import management of "foreign garbage", and strictly control the qualification of import enterprises and the flow direction after import, Reduce the damage of these wastes to the domestic ecological environment. The Waterford Institute of technology in Ireland and the Engineering School of the National University of justice in Thailand will bring about the speech environment of "the utilization of hydrogels from contact lenses to medical catheters, absorbable medical devices and regenerative medicine"

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