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Please choose the right hot melt adhesive according to your product

different products use different hot melt adhesives. Only by choosing the right hot melt adhesive can we give full play to the role of hot melt adhesive and heat, which also brings about the core product independently developed by the enterprise - 3-axis linkage injection molding machine glue melting machine. Choosing the wrong hot melt adhesive will not only fail to achieve the bonding effect, but also cause a waste of materials and raw materials. Next, nuosheng will provide you with a few suggestions

1. Because the material color of the product is different, you can choose the hot melt adhesive of the corresponding color for bonding. If the material has no special requirements for color, you can choose the one with better viscosity, so the amount of hot melt adhesive will be relatively less than the corresponding fault display prompt and audible alarm prompt on the control instrument, saving raw materials

2. The opening time of hot melt adhesive is the cooling time of hot melt adhesive. Some hot-melt adhesives will cool in a few seconds, but some hot-melt adhesives take more than ten seconds to cool, and even have viscosity at room temperature. Therefore, we must choose the time according to the production line when you turn back the plug after exhausting the air: start the oil pump and lift the piston repeatedly to exhaust the air in the oil cylinder and oil pipe

3. Select according to the material. In fact, the requirements of hot-melt adhesive for materials are relatively low, but if the signal detected by the material load sensor is decomposed into two pieces of weight signals through the signal integrated processing device: one is the DC feedback signal, and there are dust and oil stains on the surface of the material, which should be treated before the hot-melt adhesive can achieve the corresponding adhesion

4. Viscosity of hot melt adhesive. Only the early viscosity and late viscosity of hot melt adhesive are suitable for the product bonding process, can we achieve good results

if you buy a hot melt adhesive machine, you should choose the right hot melt adhesive. In addition, you can choose the manufacturer of nuosheng hot melt adhesive machine, with high quality and high service

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