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Types and characteristics of automatic bronzing machines

at present, the bronzing machines used for paper processing that can be seen in the domestic and foreign markets can be divided into three categories: flat, round and round for each 10% weight reduction of flat car in the overall structure. Among the flat pressing and bronzing machines, the representative brands are: Swiss boster, Swiss Kish, domestic Yahua, Yutian, etc. Hot stamping die-cutting machine is currently the most popular flat stamping machine, and the most commonly used manual stamping machine also belongs to the flat stamping machine category. Among the round press bronzing machines, the representative brands are: Germany stora foiljet, and other brands used to match the rotary printing machine. The above bronzing processes have their own characteristics. It cannot be simply said that one process is better than other processes. Users should comprehensively consider their actual production situation, adopt appropriate processes and choose appropriate equipment

in the field of packaging and printing, the flat pressing and bronzing process has been widely used because its equipment usually has the dual functions of bronzing and die cutting. For users, when the bronzing business volume is unstable or insufficient to ensure the full load operation of the equipment, the use of flat pressing, hot stamping and die-cutting dual-purpose machine can ensure the investment benefit. At the same time, in terms of technology, flat stamping is also the most mature stamping process, and the production of its stamping plate can be solved in China. In addition to the general flat bronzing plate, it can also be made into a three-dimensional engraved bronzing plate, so as to achieve bronzing and embossing at one time

at present, the production speed of high-speed flat press bronzing machine has reached a relatively high level. For example, the bronzing machine and production speed of boster have reached sheet/hour, and the hot stamping hologram has also reached the speed of 6000 sheets/hour. The domestic Yahua bronzing machine has also reached the calibration speed of 5000 sheets/hour

but the flattening process also has its defects. For example, the effect of large-area bronzing is not as good as the other two processes, because the pressure of the flattening bronzing machine is plane pressure, while the pressure of the round flattening or round bronzing machine is linear pressure

for the same reason, large-scale bronzing should also be avoided for the aluminum foil cardboard widely used in China

round stamping adopts flat stamping plate and round stamping cylinder. The flat bronzing plate is easy to make, and the circular stamping cylinder makes its hot stamping pressure linear, which makes up for the shortcomings of the flat bronzing process

the disadvantage of round pressing and bronzing is that it is impossible to bronze and press concave convex at one time, and the production speed is relatively slow, usually in sheets/hour

in European and American countries, printing plants that specialize in bronzing usually have two kinds of bronzing machines: flat pressing and circular pressing. The two processes complement each other based on a large number of experiments, overcome their shortcomings, and meet the needs of different designs at the same time

the domestic common circular pressing and bronzing machine has Taiwan capital and identity. The equipment is refitted from the Old Heidelberg letterpress, which may be limited by processing capacity. The accuracy of the equipment is slightly low, but the price is low, so it has obtained a considerable market share. Round pressing crafts are usually used in rotary printing production lines, such as narrow width rotary flexo press, to realize online processing. In recent years, the rotating equipment has the trend of changing to large-scale equipment, such as the equipment of chambang, France. Stalin stora in Germany was the only equipment that used the round pressing and hot stamping process for sheet fed paper

the biggest advantage of round stamping is high speed. For example, the speed of foijlet bronzing machine of stora can reach 12000 sheets/hour. The disadvantages of round pressing and bronzing are also very obvious. First, the bronzing plate is not only expensive, but also demanding. We must consider the thermal expansion coefficient of the material, the wear of the plate and other factors. Secondly, there are special requirements for hot stamping foil, that is, it must be able to transfer quickly. At present, it is difficult for domestic aluminum foil to meet this requirement. Expensive imported special materials must be used, otherwise, its high production speed is just empty talk

in addition, bronzing and bumping must be realized on two units. Even without considering the registration error, at least two sets of molds are required, which virtually increases the cost of adopting aluminum matrix composites in the rotor. Once the market changes and the bronzing business volume shrinks, high-value equipment may be a pile of scrap iron with no other functions, and the investment risk is quite high. All of these restrict the application of the round pressing and bronzing process. Unless users can be sure that their business is a single hot stamping product, and there is little need to replace products, and its volume can also ensure the recovery of equipment investment, it is difficult for such equipment to really enter the market in China. This is why such equipment is rarely seen in China

it is necessary for users to choose appropriate processes and equipment based on the characteristics of the above handicrafts and their own production needs

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