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When summer comes, please pay attention to identify plastic bottles when drinking bottled water. Since January 1st, 2008, AQSIQ has investigated and dealt with the production and sales behaviors without production licenses nationwide. However, some production enterprises with small scale and conditions that cannot meet the requirements of evidence collection may secretly use recycled materials for production and sales in order to earn huge profits

with the warmer weather, the sales of bottled water gradually increased. However, it has been found recently that many consumers do not care whether the plastic bottle containing water has obtained a food production license. The plastic bottles without evidence may be produced from recycled materials. The recycled plastic bottle itself is very unsanitary. If it is used to hold water, the toxic and harmful substances carried in the bottle will be transmitted to the human body through water. It is used for product testing and mass testing, causing chronic damage to human organs, and long-term use may even cause cancer

It is understood that article 5 of the regulations on the administration of production licenses for industrial products stipulates that no enterprise shall produce products listed in the catalogue without a production license, and no unit or individual shall sell or use products listed in the catalogue without a production license in business activities. Plastic bottles were listed in the production license catalogue of the first batch of plastic packaging containers, tools and other products for food

Bian Xinchao, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Haizheng biomaterials Co., Ltd.: "In this process, it will take us about two years

quality supervision experts said that consumers should carefully observe when buying bottled water. The appearance of qualified bottled water barrels is relatively transparent and smooth, the bottle body is light blue or white, renewable energy and infrastructure industry color, no impurities, no black spots, tapping the bottle wall with fingers, the sound is crisp, and the toughness is strong; generally, they are packaged in non-toxic plastic bottles, with beautiful bottle shape and fine workmanship. Some use waste bottles Plastic bottles made of plastic materials, old optical discs, medical waste duct, etc. have rough appearance, dark blue or milky white, poor transparency, impurities and spots on the bottle wall, dull sound, and easy to crack and deform

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