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With the rapid development of industrial automation control business, the trend of multi business integration such as communication and Internet is becoming more and more obvious. The application of mechanical automation control is moving towards full intelligence, and the programmable controller products are moving rapidly in the direction of high performance, intelligence and industrial grade. Multi service, multi-function, high performance, stability and reliability are the goals of all programmable controller (PLC) products

with four years of research and development of each experimental machine, Yitian technology will truly and effectively analyze the samples, accumulate experience in the research and development of PLC products, and accurately grasp the development trend of mechanical automation and customer needs, and timely launched the et-mx series programmable controller, which has rich modules, high stability, simple and easy-to-use programming tools, It helps industry users and machine manufacturing users to easily construct full-service service support, effectively interpreting the perfect combination of performance and cost

superior performance, standard innovation

with the development of industrial control technology customers' demand for digital, analog, communication and other businesses, more and more machinery manufacturers hope to carry a variety of businesses in automatic control, be able to control them in various ways, provide differentiated services, and meet the changing and updated requirements in the future

based on the consideration of users' unified bearing, et-mx series PLC programmable controllers have studied the most widely used various application scenarios at present, and put forward innovative solutions

in the industrial automation control scene, digital and analog businesses are carried through programmable control technology. It uses programmable memory to store instructions for executing logical operations, sequential operations, timing, counting, arithmetic operations and other operations in it, and can control various types of machinery or production processes through digital or analog input and output

in the control of mechanical automation equipment, through the combination of a variety of business modules, it provides a comprehensive solution including bearing, safety, monitoring and programming management, provides modern large-scale integrated circuit technology, adopts strict production process manufacturing, and the internal circuit adopts advanced anti-interference technology, which has high reliability, and realizes a failure free time of up to 300000 hours, high reliability redundant CPU, large capacity storage High speed transportation and other characteristic functions, innovative green energy-saving design, significantly reduce production and maintenance costs, and meet the diversified and personalized needs of enterprise users

industrial products, stability and reliability first

stable production process control management has always been the goal of all enterprises, which is related to whether it can bring users a good experience. Et-mx series PLC programmable controller can not only ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment itself, but also ensure the stability and reliability of the whole process control

et-mx series plcfr ⑴ 03C computer servo universal tensile testing machine is a new material testing machine combining electronic technology and mechanical transmission. The programmable controller adopts a fully distributed architecture design, innovative independent monitoring to ensure the control and management of equipment and environment, and high reliability control technology provides the most important guarantee for industrial products. Innovative programming software, with hardware fault self-detection function, In case of failure, the alarm information can be sent out in time. In principle, the application software should be used in nylon products. It is ideal that the user can also program the fault self diagnosis program of peripheral devices, so that the circuits and equipment in the system other than the programmable controller can also obtain fault self diagnosis protection. The high reliability of the whole system provides a guarantee for the overall safety of automatic control

the power resonance test function is perfect and has strong applicability.

the ET MX series PLC programmable controller is standardized, serialized and modularized. It is equipped with a full range of hardware devices. Users can flexibly and conveniently configure the system to form systems with different functions and scales

et-mx has perfect data operation ability in industrial control occasions of various scales, in addition to logic processing function, and can be used in various industrial controls such as digital control, position control, temperature control, etc. The products are produced in full lead-free standard, which improves the innovation level of environmental protection

The programmable controller (PLC) products have experienced decades of development. In the 1980s, with the rapid development of microelectronic technology such as large-scale and very large-scale integrated circuits, the computerized programmable controller composed of 16 bit and a few 32-bit microprocessors has enhanced the function of the programmable controller (PLC), with fast working speed, reduced volume, improved reliability and reduced cost, Programming and fault detection are more flexible and convenient. The emerging product form has gradually evolved to the current mature product form, and has made great progress in function and performance, which is far higher than the current actual demand

et-mx series PLC programmable controllers have experienced four years of trials and tribulations. The overall innovation of the new generation MX series programmable controllers, which are intelligent, high-performance and industrial, has explained a new starting point and service-oriented product design idea. By controlling the development trends of various types of machinery and production processes, we can accurately grasp the needs of customers, and carry out multi-directional innovative design, which has made a new annotation for the pursuit of innovation

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