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Plate making principle of anhydrous offset printing process

there are two kinds of plates of anhydrous offset printing: positive and negative. At present, the raw materials used are renewable resources, and the positive anhydrous offset printing plate is more

take the positive type anhydrous offset printing plate as an example. It is composed of aluminum plate base, bottom layer and photosensitive plate. The expanded production range of 9 enterprises is 10 million square meters. In general engineering tests, the performance of the resin layer is stable and reliable, and the silicone layer and covering film are composed. After exposure, the silica gel layer of the visible part (blank part) on the printing plate undergoes a bridging reaction to conduct photo crosslinking; The silica gel layer without light (image and text) is removed under the action of developer to expose the photosensitive resin layer below. Since the photosensitive resin layer is ink friendly, rather than the silica gel layer in the image and text part, the ink can be selectively adsorbed without the intervention of fountain solution

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