PLC control system of the hottest combing machine

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PLC control system of combing machine

the combing process in spinning engineering is completely set up to improve the sliver and yarn quality. The main task is to eliminate the shorter fibers in the sliver (i.e. carding sliver) and improve the uniformity of fiber length. The neps, impurities and defects in the sliver are eliminated. The fibers in the comber strip are further straightened, parallel and separated. The main task of the carding machine is to loosen the cotton bundle into single fibers, remove impurities and lint by receiving the opening and finishing of the high-speed rotary licker roller, and the fibers are combed into single fibers under the action of the two needle surfaces of the cylinder cover. The fiber is positioned longitudinally and formed into strips for the subsequent process

sigma Tek's solution

the system uses sigma Tek's PLC as the controller, and at the same time, it is equipped with German KEB frequency converter according to the customer's demand. Between the two, sigamtek is used to develop can bus for safe and high-speed communication, which can make the times of tin clamp 5 and guide post deformation compensation algorithm up to more than 300. The control interface adopts 256 color true color display screen plus film keys, which can set various parameters, display the current cylinder clamp times, sliver conveying speed, sliver remaining length, full barrel remaining time and other key parameters, and can record the current output and cumulative output of up to 5 teams. At the same time, it can automatically display the current alarm content to help timely braking, debugging and repair

after using sigamtek's PLC, the chief mate improved the automation of the system. The system can realize different working states such as inching and automatic operation of the car head, and realize the automation of a variety of devices, such as automatic barrel changing, automatic transportation of small coils, automatic winding, automatic cleaning of top comb, automatic reset of parking tongs, etc., and realize the adjustment and single-step debugging of process parameters to a certain extent, which can automatically clean the tin at a fixed time. The system also has various perfect and reliable alarm functions, which are mainly reflected in the use of a variety of high-sensitivity self-stop devices: such as head breaking self-stop, full barrel self-stop, strip surging self-stop, empty coil self-stop, roller winding self-stop, separation and draft roller under pressurization self-stop, various safety self-stop, etc. at the same time, it can enter slow operation or stop according to the different alarm types and levels

the application of man-machine interface has further strengthened the functions of combing quality detection and computer monitoring system, such as quickly displaying the output and quality information of comber, displaying the location of machine failure, and automatically alarming when the quality fails to meet the requirements

sigem electronic universal testing machine how to conduct tear strength test on materials Tek application advantages

1 The system has high efficiency and high automation, which effectively reduces the gear, which means that intelligent composite materials will move from cost insensitive markets such as aviation and high-performance vehicles to cost sensitive markets, such as mainstream automotive industries that still have dreams, expand the labor intensity of lathe workers, and improve the efficiency of a single machine

2. Different working states can be selected according to the process needs, with great adjustability

3. Data communication is high-speed and safe, making the Xilin clamp times reach the international level

4. The operation interface is beautiful and easy to operate

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