Please pay attention to the feelings of residents

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Merchants of "open-air painting" please pay attention to the feelings of residents

merchants of "open-air painting" please pay attention to the feelings of residents

June 28, 2013

[China paint information] Changchun citizen customers can manually install it by themselves. Recently, women want to move out of Yongchun community and stay away from the "open-air painting" that gives her a headache, because as soon as the window is opened, Choking smell to accelerate the implementation of the most environmentally friendly and economically sustainable solutions came head-on; Coincidentally, Ms. Zou, who lives in Feiyue Middle Road, smelled the paint smell of the concrete factory opposite her community all day, and she couldn't stand it

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outdoor paint spraying really shouldn't be

/glass decoration firm/

"outdoor paint spraying" guerrillas

yesterday, when I came to the intersection of Xisan road and Youai Hutong, I heard the sound of an electric saw cutting glass. When I came closer, I saw a glass decoration firm cutting glass. After a rough check, there are more than 40 glass firms around Yongchun community, all of which undertake various craft glass decoration, various color lenses, glass painting and other businesses. Due to the rain, we didn't see the phenomenon of "open-air painting"

around, at the door of a glass white steel decoration firm, I saw a simple booth, covered with black cloth, and various colors of spray paint cluttered on it. Obviously, this is a tool for spray paint. A migrant worker said that in 2019 and 2020, the import volume of waste paper was 12million tons and 7.5 million tons respectively. "This is the paint that was sprayed before. Now take it out to dry, and you have to wear a mask when painting." After further inquiry, the migrant worker said he was a migrant worker, and the rest didn't know, so they left in a hurry

then, I contacted lichunhong, the head of Yongchun community, Xinchun street, Nanguan District. She said that these "open-air paint" stores have been "rooted" for more than ten years. Many residents have reported the problem of loud taste and noise, and reported the situation to the Environmental Protection Bureau and the urban construction Bureau. However, the merchants have a good attitude, and will immediately "move" the paint work indoors, but after hiding from "Cats" for a few days, they will "return to the Jianghu" to work, Lichunhong, the head of the grid, said that he would contact the environmental protection department again for supervision and handling

/concrete factory/

try to reduce the number of painting

15. When she came to the intersection of Feiyue middle road and Guanggu street, the concrete factory in Ms. Zou's mouth was making a "rumbling" sound of operation transmission

Ms. Zou said, "now the kitchen window is afraid to open. As long as you spray paint, the smell will be scattered everywhere, and it will be blurred." The nearby store also said that the smell was loud, and the sound simply disturbed the residents. "My friend's car was parked near the factory at night, and it was stained with paint and couldn't be wiped off. It's really hateful."

then, I found the guard of the factory. He said that the steel frame just made needs painting, otherwise it will be embroidered, but the number of painting is being reduced. I hope residents will understand, "it will be completed in more than a month. I hope everyone can understand us. Generally, the steel frame will be painted once, so the painting time is not fixed, and we try to reduce the number of times."

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