The first self-cleaning glass production line was

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The first self-cleaning glass production line was put into operation recently

China's first self-cleaning glass with independent intellectual property rights was born in Hubei Three Gorges new building materials Co., Ltd. not long ago, thus creating a new era in China's technical glass industry. The birth of self-cleaning glass has epoch-making significance for China's glass industry to adjust product structure, promote industrial upgrading and realize functional level in fully integrated automatic process

this item proposed large-scale and high-performance and introduced the newly established world plastics Committee (WPC) light alloy materials, high-precision copper and copper alloy materials, new rare/rare precious metal materials, high-quality powder metallurgy Refractory Metal materials and cemented carbide projects, which were jointly developed by Hubei Three Gorges new materials Co., Ltd. and Wuhan University of technology. After more than 100 tests, small-scale and pilot tests and the design of process equipment were completed. The product performance has been tested, and its photocatalysis, super hydrophilicity and bactericidal property are good. It has obtained 6 invention patents and utility model patents. As a national key technological innovation project, the project was officially transferred to the stage of industrial production not long ago

self cleaning glass is a high-tech glass product produced by sol gel technology. It can be widely used in the fields of architectural glass, curtain wall glass, automobile glass, decorative glass, home appliance glass, etc. The product has good photocatalytic activity, can degrade a variety of organic and inorganic pollutants on the glass surface and in the air, and can quickly decompose the organic pollutants attached to the glass surface into inorganic substances, so as to realize the self-cleaning function of the glass. The self-cleaning glass also has light induced super hydrophilicity. On the one hand, it can cut off the direct contact between oil and the surface of titanium dioxide (TiO2) film. On the other hand, it can lift the organic matter from the surface. The organic matter on the surface of the film is also very easy to be washed away by rain to keep the glass clean. At the same time, the self-cleaning glass also has the sterilization function, kills and decomposes bacteria and viruses under the action of photocatalysis, and has the functions of anti pollution, anti mildew, anti fog, disinfection, cutting, hot bending, tempering and other processing properties. It is the top product of processing technical glass in the world at present

first 2000mm × The fresh production of 1500mm photocatalysis self-cleaning glass makes Sanxia New Material Co., Ltd. the first enterprise to enter the field of self-cleaning glass production in China, which plays an exemplary role in improving the company's business performance and driving the industrial upgrading of the glass industry

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